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Paul McLaughlin's mk6 Golf

by Adam McPeake
31st July 2011 · Northern Ireland

After a bit of a summer break, we're back with a brand new feature. Our friend Ali Kirk dropped us a text about this fresh mk6 Golf from his mate Paul McLaughlin.

Being big fans of Golfs we where excited to get our first feature with a mk6 on the site, so only a day after we shot it - here it is.

Fitted out with a full GTI kit, including a custom shaved US front bumper and twin exhausts sticking out the rear this is one nasty looking golf. We gotta say, the nice balance of tweaks to the body work, suppension and those tasty rotas makes this one of the nicest new shaped Golfs about.

Pulling up we had one look at the car and thought it was riding air, but Paul's went for a huge static drop on Eibach Pro Street-S coil overs. He's then pulled out the arches to fit in those sweet 18x9.5" Rota Grids which have been finished with a seriously cool custom Matt Grey.

Definitely a good choice to kick of a wave of mk6 modifiers. We can just see the VW fan boys wetting them selves right now.

Paul would like to thank James and the boys at JA Auto Body for all the good work and Ali Kirky for setting up the shoot.

Photos by Adam McPeake and James Preston
Words by Adam McPeake