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Niall O'dowd's VW Lupo

by Adam McPeake
10th October 2011 · Northern Ireland

We're back with a new feature, this one coming from the lens of our photographer James Macauley. Here on ILB we've covered all sorts Volkswagens. From slammed Passat Estates to mk1, mk2, mk5 and mk6 Golfs from around the world. We have you covered. So it only seems fitting that today we bring you the smallest car VW offer, the VW Lupo.

The owner Niall O'dowd bought this Lupo with the goal of making it something special, and funded by hard work and student loans he's done just that.

Amongst the mods we have the smoothing of the tailgate and rear bumper, the rolling and pulling of the rear arches to 3 inches, the door pillers being finished in a brushed metal effect, a full respray in Audi Monza Silver and the colour coded stubby mirrors and handles! Nice. We think that colours badass, very classy.

In case you didn't notice, yes that is a stitched leather on the roof. Very fetch...

What wheels would suit this small VW? Well Niall has went with 8x14 & 9x14 et 15 Tramont ty2 3 piece splits, which suit it to the ground. He's also fitted custom centre caps and had the rims fully polished. Tyres are Toyo 195/45.

Inside we have a full retrim on the door cards, Porsche Boxster tombstones in diamond stiched leather and a fully polished cage.

Like many cars we feature, Niall has went with a full Rayvern air ride kit. With one Viar 2.5 gallon tank on show and one Viar 4 gallon tank hidden and uprated values.

We're loving this Lupo, and think it's the perfect first small volkswagen for the site! What do you think?

Photos by James Macauley
Words by Adam McPeake