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Dubshed 2011

by Adam McPeake
28th March 2011 · Northern Ireland

We knew from the get go that this one was gonna be good! GTINI reported that over 500 cars and 2000 people passed through the Dub Shed's yesterday at Kings Hall, that's bound to make it one of the biggest shows Ireland has.

With a sunny day and hundreds of VAGs on show, as well as lot's of different trade stands & events going on, this one was not to be missed. But if you did manage to miss it, our photographer James Preston set out from 12 to 5 to make one of the biggest galleries we've ever put together, over 400 photos in total - so make sure you take the time to check them all out!

We'd like to thank GTINI for allowing us to put on our first ever trade stand, where we had a TV showing our videos as well as a load of friends selling stickers, lanyards, t shirts and hoodies - as it was only our first show, we where nervous to see how it would turn out; but we managed to sell out of stickers, lanyards and hoodies and take a load of orders as well. So a big thank you to everyone who helped out and for all those who bought some ILB gear! For those who missed out, we still have some stock left on our online shop! though we are running out of stuff, so grab it soon! & more stock will coming be soon.

GTINI is made up from a team of friends who love the VAG scene, so who better to run a VAG show? They really went all out and produced one of the best shows I've been to in my time taking photos for I Love Bass, so a huge well done and thanks to the whole team there and all the sponsors.

Photos by James Preston
Words by Adam McPeake