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Hand picked Non German Zone

ILB Exclusive zone at Dubshed

What is it?

We've been involved in Dubshed since it's second year, originally focusing on the official videos and teaser videos - we then moved our attention to helping the show grow, by helping with Dubshed's promotion and design elements. We also spoke highly of Dubshed every where we went, helping to spread it further than Northern Ireland.

In 2016 we got involved a bit more, assisting with their new brand and their growth into an all German show. That very same year, the guys at Dubshed approached us about doing a non-german area, an exclusive ILOVEBASS area within their show - we obviously accepted, and it went down extremely well; even becoming the favourite area for some attendees.

In 2017 we are continuing this, with another ILB non-german zone. Want to be in it? Follow the link below.

Enter your car here

Our own area

See the entire Dubshed video on our YouTube

How do I enter?

It's free to enter, and ANY car can do so.
We want everything - and I mean everything,
Tesla, Honda, Toyota, Corvette, Nissan, Alfa Romeo, Kia, Chevy, Ford... you name it.
Last year we even had a plane in our area... yep, a plane.
Has anyone got a Helicopter?

Go to and click "NON-VAG / NON-German" in the make dropdown.