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Players Classic 2021

by Alex Carroll
5th July 2021 · England

It's been 3 national lockdowns, 2 long years and a lot of zoom calls but we have finally made it back to the historic Goodwood Motor Circuit for Players Classic 2021 and man does it feel good! 

It's been 786 days since the last show in 2019, 786 days, let that just sink in.

At some point throughout the past two years, we have all had our doubt's that we would ever see any events like this for a very long time. Especially with the "new normal" we've all had to come to terms with, face masks, social distancing, hand sanitiser to name a few. Quite frankly, the fact that Jay and the team behind Players managed to get this event given the green light is honestly incredible and a true testament to how hard they work and how committed they were to giving us all a slice of how things used to be. 

We got to see our friends from all over the UK, friends we haven't seen for the best part of 2 years. We could finally hook up with everyone we've spoken with on Instagram and show all you guys the new merch we've been working on over this whole lockdown malarky. The team here at ILB would like to sincerely thank Jay and the team for making this happen and giving us all 2 days where everything felt good in the world once again.

Now one thing that was missing this year was the usual Players Classic weather, in fact, we had suggested a couple of years back that we thought the show was sponsored by the weather. No matter what the forecast said, the temperatures are always high and the sun always shines. 2021 was different, it was overcast and cloudy which gave a whole different vibe, there was almost an eery feeling to Goodwood on Saturday and most of Sunday with torrential downpours on Saturday evening which true to Players' luck started just after the awards were given and most people had hit the pub. Typical really, considering how hot it's been here in England while we all had to be cooped up indoors.

Both days have a different feeling to them, Saturday brings the best of the best from all over the British Isles and even some Europeans snook in. Plus it has the backing track of everything from track-prepped E92 M3's to 70's Fords, all hurtling down the main straight. It's something no other show can provide, in fact, it's a "vibe" that no other show can provide. Whatever 'vibe' actually means. 

Monster also was in attendance with Steve 'Baggsy' Biagioni in his V8 swapped PS13 showing off his drifting skills on hallowed Goodwood track and pitlane, filling the venue with tyre smoke and the smell of burning rubber.

Sunday seen the return of the Show & Shine, but this time the number of cars had increased and had taken over the track, parked from the last corner at the Shell building all the way down the home straight. This mean't there was even more awesome machinery to look at if you thought you'd seen it all in the paddocks on Saturday. Speaking on the cars let's get into some of our stand-out cars.

Travel restrictions made it extremely difficult for anyone outside of the UK to attend, but this didn't stop Jay, he was determined to get Jean Pierre Kraemer's MK2 Golf over to the show sending Turbo Transport to go and get it. The kit on this car was featured in one of Kyza's renders and even he couldn't believe that Jean had decided to make it a reality. You really have to see this car in the flesh to get your head around it, truly wild.

Another standout car was the Driftworks Murcielago LP640, GT1 road car. In short, this is a manual swapped, RWD swapped, LP640 on ITB's with the actual Reiter LM GT1 kit fitted and adapted to work on the road car. The sheer attention to detail and engineering to make this look factory is incredible. This took Players Car of the Year.

Unfortunately, Carl couldn't get across the bond this year, but this didn't stop his latest creation in collaboration is Carrera Bodyworks being on the show. Not many people could have a pink Escort but Carl certainly can.

We want to give to biggest thanks to Jay and his team for making this event happen against all odds, hosting a car show with 4000 people in attendance amidst a global pandemic is no mean feat and the number of loopholes and effort put into this really showed. For the first time in 18 or so months, people got to see their friends, share their builds and just chat face to face with like minded people inside this incredible race track. For petrol heads like all of us, this is our normal, what we love doing and this weekend felt like we may be on the way out the other side, it gave us hope!

Thank you to everyone that passed by the stand for a chat and bought some merch, lets hope its not another 786 days till we see you all again!

Photos & Words: Alex Carroll
Location: Goodwood, Chichester, England.