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Jake Saville's PS13: From Tokyo to London

by Alex Carroll
2nd September 2020 · England

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or in lockdown) this year, you will have seen this PS13 doing the rounds on Instagram. I personally seen this for the first time at Players Classic. Parked up on the grass in the paddock, it truly stopped me in my tracks. I knew I needed to find out more about this awesome S-Body and get some proper photos of it.

For the Spritrei kit to work, the car needed some special wheels. That mean't a set of double staggered Work Meister M1R’s with some wild specs to fill the arches. The fronts are 18x10 et-16 which sit flush against the vented front fenders. The rears are 19x11.5 et-43 with the radiused rear arches the allow for a 19” wheel on a S-body. The body lines from the door carry over the rear arch, following the radius of the new modifactions, which is genuinely one of my favourite bits of the whole car.

Radiused rear arch the allow for a 19” wheel on a S-body.

Jake imported the car early last year through Muz at JapWestMods. Since then he has been using it for it's sole purpose, attending shows and meets across the UK. You may have seen the car trailered to most shows last year as it had a few problems with the differential and being super low on coilovers with 32kg 326 springs. Making driving the car on terrible UK roads absolutely no fun. Plus smashing the Spirtrei kit off the floor is enough to make a grown man cry. Jake wanted to drive the car as much as possible this year so the only solution was to ditch the coilovers for Air-ride. Making the car useable - he now drives the car to everything from car park meets to shows and into Mayfair in Central London today. 

From Tokyo to London
I can also tell you this thing turns way more heads than any Aventador driving through London.

Seeing this car parked up on London streets is crazy after seeing photos of it parked up inside Tokyo Auto Salon and in various locations in Tokyo, I can also tell you this thing turns way more heads than any Aventador driving through the city.

The interior of the car is as special as the outside, it has full Bride interior trim and when I say full I mean it - everything is Bride down to the doorcards, glovebox, speaker covers and floor mats. There is also a half cage and custom stitched one off Nardi with Spiritrei logo provided by Driftworks.

Full Bride Interior
Glovebox and Everything

Jake told me that when the car arrives it was everything he'd expected it to be and more and he still looks back at it to the day and knows its the perfect car for him. If he had a pound for everytime somebody had asked him "Whats the paint code?" he could probably buy the car again, Spirtrei have kept that a secret unfortunately so not even Jake knows.

This will be a plenty of shows in 2021, if we're allowed of course.

Photos & Words: Alex Carroll

Location: Mayfair, London.