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Our Drive in Cinema 2020

by James Preston
9th July 2020 · Northern Ireland

"From this evening I must give the British people a very simple instruction - you must stay at home." - Boris Johnson 23/03/20

For months we watched on as just about every plan we had for 2020 got cancelled. Each car show dropping like flies, one by one. Everything from car shows to exercising twice a day had been cancelled. That was until the 12th of May when the Northern Ireland Executive announced the five-stage plan for easing lockdown. Along with the opening of drive-through church services, drive-through cinemas could open. So was it going to be Adam giving a sermon or all of us getting together to watch a movie? I'm sure you're disappointed to hear it was going to be a movie.

The only real question was, what movie are we going to play? We left that decision up to you guys. Everyone commented what they wanted to see and we took the top requests for a head to head showdown on our Instagram polls. In the end, we were left with only one movie: Tokyo Drift. I mean, Life's simple: You make choices and you don't look back. 

Sean couldn't believe we'd all turned up to watch him.

With all the craziness of 2020, it gave us some time to look back and think about where we want to push ourselves. One big area of that is our home crowd in Northern Ireland. Hosting the drive-through cinema wasn't just the perfect way to get everyone together safely, but it also gave everyone that had been missing this years car shows a kind of 'mini show'. As always the support we received from you guys was amazing! With almost half the tickets sold on the first night.

Tokyo Drift wasn't the only thing we were going to show, we also debuted our 2019 H2Oi film, 'The Strip - 4.0'. Although when we announced this, Adam was only half way through the edit. We all had complete faith in him to finish it on time though...

So when we arrived at the venue to set up, everything looked great. Everything apart from one tiny issue; the copy of Tokyo Drift they had didn't work. Was it illegal it download it? I mean, you wouldn't steal a car, would you? Lucky we didn't have to find out as some hero had a copy on DVD and the show went on.

Even the people without a radio in their car had a good time. 

I'm not sure if it was the movie or just a chance to take them out of the garage, but there wasn't any shortage of Japanese whips.

Matt even brought his own popcorn, smart man.

Thank you so much to everyone that took part. We really couldn't do it without you guys.

Photos & words by: James Preston