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Edward Johnston's 2007 Mercedes E63

by James Preston
29th June 2020 · England

"I never thought I'd actually own a set of my dream wheels."

Welcome to Edward Johnston's Mercedes E63. This isn't a story about the car he's always wanted to own, nope; this one's all about what it's sitting on.

Before we start, you probably know Edward as a die hard E36 man. I'm sure you've seen the absolutely insane home built M3 Touring he has. Not a single part of that car was left untouched, even the paintwork he done himself. That's not the only E36 Touring he has either, he's also got "that white one" too. 

Home built E36 Touring

So let's talk about Edward's dream wheels. They are a set of BBS E88's.

The three letters from BBS have stood for the best quality and performance for more than 40 years. These wheels are a true icon in the motorsport scene, in fact I've quite often heard them being described as the ultimate 3-piece modular wheel. Straight from the BBS Motorsports department these wheels were used on countless racing teams from BMW RLL to Risi Ferrari. A wheel designed with the perfect balance of design and function. I'm going to have to agree with Edward, these are one of the greatest wheels ever made. 

The E88's feature forged aluminium centres with back milled spokes and heat-treated spun aluminium rim sections.

Edward told me that the E88 where the absolute pinnacle of BBS motorsport. His current set have never been split or refurbished, they are totally original. His inspiration to own a set came from some of JasonGTI's build as well as the Audi guys. I mean, you just can't beat a proper set of BBS.

Edward bought the wheels on Facebook Marketplace with absolutely no idea if they would fit. ET's and width's on the Mercedes were all completely new to him. This wasn't an E36 remember. Luckily when they arrived all it took was some spacers to get the fitment he wanted. Tucking motorsport look on the front and rim to arch on the rear. It sits perfectly.

With the wheels covered, what about the car? Edward bought the E63 as a big cruiser with a bit of power. As W211 E63's a quite rare, he jumped on the opportunity to own it. Plus he said the front end always reminded him of the CLK GTR's. You know i can almost see it.

The car came slightly lowered with a set of forged Ispiri's, but knowing Edward's past cars; it wouldn't stay like this for long. He did start tinkering with the factory airmatic suspension to get it a little lower but who was he kidding, he knew it needed the Airlift treatment.   

Initially it was looking like it was going to be quite difficult to create a setup with very few parts for the E63 but luckily enough, a kit turned up for sale and it was installed in no time.

Edward's also added a carbon front splitter and carbon rear diffuser. As well as a secondary decat and centre box delete for nice noises. 

I know this isn't a car with a huge crazy build thread but it's executed brilliantly. It's clean, it's simple, it looks great. And it's the dream wheel.

Words by: James Preston 
Photos by: Connor Flanigan