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Drive in Cinema, by ILB Drivers Club

by James Preston
12th June 2020 · Northern Ireland

Event information

We're hosting a Drive in Cinema in our home city of Belfast, Northern Ireland around the end of June 2020. Exact location to be announced.

Tickets will be first come, first serve and only available via pre order. Food will be available at the event.

What will be shown?

We'll be showing a pre-screening of our new YouTube film "The Strip 4.0 - H2oi 2019" and a film picked by you guys over on our Instagram.

We will host a vote on this within the next week or so. So keep an eye on our Instagram Stories. All proceeds generated by ILB Drivers Club will be donated to Black Lives Matter UK (BLMUK). This is a movement and message that means a lot to us here at ILB.

Tickets are first come, first service. We'll email you as soon as they're out!