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Ultimate Dubs 2020

by James Preston
10th March 2020 · England

With the dark winter days getting longer and what felt like a never ending flurry of terrible British weather drawing to a close, it's time for the UK show season to finally kick off. It all starts at Ultimate dubs, the UK's largest indoor VAG show situated in the Telford International Centre. The show has now became a sort of d-day for many peoples builds. It's amazing to see what everyones changed up on their builds over those cold winter months. Not to mention the completely new builds that have appeared for 2020.

Our first experience of Ultimate Dubs was all the way back in 2013, a scary 7 years ago. Setting off with our trade stand on the roof of Adam's Volvo, we set up to trade at our very first English car show. Things have changed a little from this. The welcome we received back then is why we still do this today.

Ultimate Dubs 2013

A ton may have changed since then, but Ultimate Dubs has stood the test of time as the real start to the UK show calendar. That's a real credit to Dean and the team at UD.

So what about this year? 

As always, one of our favourite things about the show is catching up with all the people we haven't seen in months. Checking out what they've been up to with their cars as well as their own lives. It's cliche but the car scene is all about the people in it.

We made some changes to our trade stand this year with the addition of a car port to home the ILB E28. Just a little change from our 2013 stand ehhh?

It wasn't just the trade stand that seen changes either. Adam has been hard at work with his E28 trying to get it to be the car he's always wanted. Before we get into this, one thing that Adam has always hated (hate may be a strong word) about the E28 was how low the rear arches sat. Meaning that if you want to run an arch to lip stance, the car's rear sill will sit pretty high off the ground. So what do you do if this isn't what you want, and you don't want to tuck? Well you first of all get in contact with John Peden of Peden Concepts and begin to form a plan. What they came up with was cutting out the rear arches and fabricating E30 front fenders in place of them. Yes... E30 front fenders.  

This raised the arches by a staggering 10cm. It's funny that when you look at the car as a whole, you can notice something is different, but it's probably only the E28 fanatics that would realise the arch has been moved. ( In fact, we tried our local e28 fanboy Andy Totten, and he couldn't even notice... ) It's awesome to see so much work going into a build to get it exactly how you want it. Even if it's only for a subtle change. Props to Adam.

The E28 was also treated to Airlift 3H to get the car on the ground. Adam was extremely reluctant to get rid of CaTuned coilovers because of how well the car drove on them. After the 250 mile trip to Ultimate Dubs, he's pretty sold on how the Airlift 3H kit handles the roads. He also removed the 17inch stepped up dishes on his BBS' for wider 16 inch dishes and barrels. Now rocking a 3.5inch dish on the front and a 4inch dish on the rear, these things look super meaty. Lastly he ditched the gold centres for the classic BBS Silver. Good work boss.

Also on our stand was Jake Crockers insane Volkswagen Caddy. After a 5 year long project, this thing has seen some major changes. Jake stripped the whole car down, shaved the bay, built some wide arches, redone the bed, replaced the suspension with hydro, put the engine back in on carbs, then removed that.

Once that was out of the way, Jake then proceeded to add a B18 engine from a Civic. Some of you might call that blasphemy but we are going to call it genius. I can't even imagine how this thing must feel when it rips!   

There is also a ton of other little touches to this thing, from the civic clocks to the Honda centre caps on his Works. This how build is savage. Top work Jake.

The next contender to this article has to be Andy from FittedUK, and his Lamborghini Huracan. Getting the Accuair treatment from Plush Automotive this thing is sitting sweet. 

We've been advised that this is only 50% done due to some parts not arriving but he has replaced the bonnet, painted the splitter, side skirts, diffuser, rear bumper, and cut all the "ugly fins" off the skirts. All in 3 days.

Mr Joe Staticman (see what I did there) brought along his "daily" static Imola Mk3 variant. I say daily because that was Joe's intentions when he first purchased the car but like all things, that quickly escalated. I'd absolutely love to see this thing rolling, it must look insane!

Our last honourable mention goes to Courtney Wallis' bagged A1. This is an awesome little build. Simplicity is key.

Thanks to everyone that dropped by our stand to say hello and pick up some of our new merch! You guy's are awesome. We'll see you at the next one! Peace.

Words by: James Preston
Photos by: Alex Carroll