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Rollhard at Bicester Heritage

by Alex Carroll
11th August 2019 · England

The RollHard team have been making moves this year, after taking a year off hosting their own event in 2018, the guys seem to have came into 2019 refreshed. They gave their brand a fresh look and came out kicking harder than ever. This meant it was no surprise when they announced they were once again going to be hosting their own event this summer.

Introducing RollHard x Bicester Heritage, a show celebrating custom and enhanced vehicles. In a dominant market of one brand car shows, they aim to do things differently. This was an open event to all things classic, retro and modified. Their motto was "All Makes, All Models" from the very beginning and they continue to apply this recipe to this day.

Bicester Heritage is a special location bursting with history. Founded in 2013, it has came from a standing start to a place where over 40 specialist businesses now call their home in a short period of time. It's based at RAF Bicester, a beautiful 420 acre former WW2 RAF Bomber Training Station that has been delicately restored and is now home to some of the rarest cars and specialist workshops which focus on keeping the most wonderful classic cars in circulation. All under it's old World War 2 hangars.

Rollhard's event was the first of its kind to be held here. Inviting owners and their cars from the modified arm of the automotive world to come along and display their pride and joy over two paddocks. As well as allowing the really special stuff inside one of the disused aircraft hangars. I'm told that this year was a feeler event of sorts for both the Rollhard and Bicester Heritage teams to gauge interest, with a view of using the rest of the heritage sites in years to come. For now let us look at some of our favourite metal on offer from this years helping.

I'll start outside where I found this E36 touring, I did spot this at FittedUK a couple of weeks back but didn't really get the chance to have a good look around it. Today I made sure I did. Painted in what I think is a BMW Individual blue, sat on a gleaming set of BBS RC's; it looked stunning. Inside is just as good, which is probably why it picked up best interior at FittedUK.

Gleaming set of BBS RC's

Next up I present to you something a bit different, Jon Lawrence's '91 Prelude; one of the chaps behind Basɘline. I don't think I've ever seen a 3rd gen prelude before but it looks so cool sat on its period correct Azev wheel's - well done that man.

Bagged '91 Prelude.
Period Azev's.

It wouldn't be a car show if I didn't spend way too long taking photos of Reece Parr's S50 swapped E30, we featured this a few months back so I'll spare you the full story here. Basically, 17" BBS RF, Airlift and a S50 under the bonnet (or lack of) - that'll do.

Reece's E30.
Spy the ILB Sticker.

Sticking with the red theme we have Jason's Escort Cosworth, a 15,000 mile full restored in Jason's ownership and then fitted with an AccuAir suspension set up and some OZ's - sounds like something you'd build on Forza right?

Escort Cosworth on AccuAir.
Has there ever been a cooler factory wing?

Another big favourite of mine was Jake's S13 with a full Spirit Rei kit, upon further inspection I discovered that it is "the" Spirit Rei S13 that Jake has imported over from Japan and it now resides in the UK. This car was built for Tokyo Auto Salon a few years back, so for it to now be sat inside a WW2 hangar in Bicester is all a bit mad.

Spirit Rei S13.
Tokyo Auto Salon to Bicester.

We as ILB would like to congratulate the RollHard boys for putting on such a chilled, relaxed show with a great vibe that made everyone welcome. With a bit of luck we can hopefully make it out as a full team next year and trade at the show and bring you guys one of our Aftermovies of the event.

Words & Photos: Alex Carroll.
Location: Bicester, England.