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by Alex Carroll
16th July 2019 · Poland

We've travelled to Europe quite a few times already this year; we've attended events in France, Germany, Austria, Sweden, and Spain but when it comes to events, in July;  it was time for the biggest one of all - Raceism. Held each year in the city of Wrocław, Poland. The Stadion Miejski, a 43,000 seater stadium that was built for the UEFA European Championships in 2011 becomes home for one weekend only to a thousand of the best modfied cars from all over Europe and we mean all over; this year we saw cars on number plates from Estonia, Russia, Norway, Bulgaria, Spain, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Germany, Belarus, Ukraine and list goes on.

Now into its 9th year, this event truly is the pinnacle when it comes to European car shows. In 2018, Raceism extended the show grounds to fill the entire circumference of the Municipal Stadium, allowing 800 cars to enter - we thought that was impressive but for 2019 we're told it was 1000 cars. 

It's easy to see why folks travel from far and wide for this event. Adrian, the organiser has really put a lot of thought, preparation and uniqueness into his event, which is something nowadays that is harder and harder to achieve in a show calendar that feels more crowded each year.

There is just something about this event that feels special. It could be the massive banner he gets commissioned for the side of the stadium, or it may be the fact that last years banner is attached to the floor in front of the stage with the best modified cars in Europe parked on top. It could even be the stage setup which comprises of three containers, one of which has his own F80 M3 inside with a glass window to match. Or it could be the drift track with cars sliding the infamous track from all over, and all of with are worthy of being in the show & shine in some shape or form. Any of these things would make this show stand out; however, Raceism has them all.

It's honestly the coolest stage setup we have ever seen at a car show.

Raceism founder and owner Adrian Kapica is constantly coming up with new ideas and concepts to push the boundaries of the show, never settling with the same quality; it is vital to him that the show progresses from one level to the next, year upon year. The determination and creativity that comes from this is what makes the Raceism Event the show that it is today.

Last year he debuted the stadium-sized flag behind the stage, it goes without saying that made a return for 2019 this time with a render of last years poster car, @goodchubby's (great insta name) M4 designed by our good friend Khyzyl Salem who this year returns as a judge. This is the biggest event of its type in Europe, if not the world.

Last year he debuted the stadium-sized flag behind the stage, it goes without saying that made a return for 2019 this time with a render of last years poster car.

You may all be bored of seeing the following car all over your social feeds but bare with us as we're going to give you a bit of background behind it all. Of course, we're talking about THAT Ferrari Testarossa owned by Kazuki Ohashi, nothing prepares you for how this car looks in person - the word incredible gets thrown about a lot these days but this thing genuinely is. So what's the big deal apart from the fact it's a Testarossa – one of Italy’s iconic 80s poster cars that’s been chopped from the knee down to sit proudly on the underside and tuck its factory wheels that have been built out to accommodate the altitude adjustment?

Well, this isn't just a car running Japanese plates for cool points, Kazuki parked this up at a dock in Japan about 4 months ago and handed the keys over for it to be transported in a container for roughly 3 months across the seas to Poland especially for Raceism, what a guy. He then flew out to Wroclaw to meet it at the start of July, where he collected the keys and proceeded to drive it to the event himself. Imagine going about your day-to-day business when a Japanese Testarossa flies past you on the highway. 

We also had the pleasure and privilege of meeting up with Kazuki on Sunday night after the event to film something pretty special that you'll see in our aftermovie, if you were checking out Instagram stories around midnight on the Sunday you may know what we're on about - if not, just wait. During this, we got the chance to see this rolling down the highway which was a sight to behold and one we won't forget in a hurry. Oh and it also shoots huge flames out the back if it wasn't already cool enough.

Testarossa – one of Italy’s iconic 80s poster cars – that’s been chopped from the knee down to sit proudly on the underside.
Shipped from Japan > Poland especially for Raceism, commitment.

We'll now attempt to pick out five of our favourite cars from the event for you all to ogle at before heading up to the gallery to see the rest of our images from the ludicrous car show. 

First up we'll go with @shksay's Toyota Mark II, he drove this from his hometown in Russia 2100km's to the show with is some seriously good going. The way this car sits in so so good with it's custom 15 x 10.5J wheels and arch work to make them fit. This car is so 80's and we love it, it also pipped the Testarossa to win Best in Show which shows you just how good this car is.

Custom 15 x 10.5 wheels.
So 80's.

Next up we're sticking with the Russians if Raceism taught us anything its that they really know how to put a car together. Step forward Artem Valitov (@artemrider) with his burgundy PS13, we're pretty sure it's static (correct us if we're wrong) sitting perfectly on a set on OZ Futuras. The party piece with this one lies under the bonnet though, its been rotary swapped and we can confirm it sounds incredible and spits flames - hats off to you Artem.

The colour just pops.
Caution, triangle inside.

Next up we move onto Estonia, we didn't ever think we'd be writing about a car from there but Raceism brings the unexpected. This is Pavel's Lexus LS and we don't really have much information on it apart from the fact that it overtook us on the highway and it left us speechless, it brings crazy Japanese fitment to Eastern Europe and we love it.

Radiused Arches.
Incredible Stance.

It wouldn't be an ILB show report with a mention of at least one BMW. This E36 caught our eye last year also and not much has changed but it really didn't need to, we like how simple and understated it is - no huge wings, diffusers or crazy paint needed. Less is more.

Less is more.

We want to say a huge thank you to Adrian for bringing us over once again to make the official aftermovie. Keep an eye out on our social accounts for updates on the release.

We also want to say another massive thank you to everyone that dropped by our stand to say hello or buy some merch. You guys are awesome! That's it for another year.

Words: Alex Carroll & Adam McPeake
Photos: Alex Carroll
Location: Wrocław, Poland