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Players Classic 2019

by Alex Carroll
27th June 2019 · England

Show season is absolutely flying by this year. It seems like only last week we were sat in the back of our rental car, chasing a Ferrari and Pantera up a mountain pass in Wörthersee. It's not all bad news though, it means it's time to make our annual trip down to the pinnacle of British motorsport and heritage, Goodwood. Without understanding a little bit of the heritage that surrounds the venue some of the magic of this place is lost. So here's the elevator pitch: 

The circuit was built on an airfield, that was donated by the 9th Duke of the estate in order to assist with the war effort during the battle of Britain. The circuit was home to the first post-war motor race meeting, bringing in crowds of over 15,00 and 85 drivers. No matter how interested you are in cars, the chances are that you've heard of the Festival of Speed. It's odd to describe a motorsport venue as beautiful but I really struggle to think of a better word.

Up until 2018, Classic was only a one day show but last year Jay and the Players crew took the decision to switch it to a two day event, exactly what the show needed. You were always left wanting more come 5pm on Saturday. Both days have a different vibe to them but as always it would seem the Players boys are sponsored by the weather as no matter what the forecast says, the temperatures are always high and the sun always shines. 

Saturday brings the best of the best from all over the UK and even Europe. Plus it has the backing track of everything from track prepped E92 M3's to 70's Fords, all hurtling down the main straight. It's something no other show can provide, in fact it's a "vibe" that no other show can provide. Whatever 'vibe' actually means.

Classic hits the nail on the head. It makes you just feel relaxed. The place is full of spots to have a sit down or a lie down and just watch the world go by. Everyone just seems to be having a good time. I think that's the best way that I could describe the show to you, it's just a good time.

A great time to be had by all.

One of the things we noticed more than ever this time around was the amount of people that have crossed land and sea to visit, we had the pleasure of hosting Adrian (aka @kodakwhat) on his trip over from Canada for starters. We also spoke to a group of 4 other Canadians, John Ludwick from the US, Bremi and the FLGNTLT boys from Dresden, Andy and Kenny from Kean with a group of Belgians and they're only the people we recognise - word really has travelled far and wide about this event. 

Sunday seen the return of the Show & Shine, but this time round the number of cars has increased and has taken over the track, parked from the last corner at the Shell building all the way down the home straight. This mean't there was even more awesome machinery to look at if you thought you'd seen it all in the paddocks on Saturday. A lot of people have asked us what we thought of the show being made into two days, and honestly; we all agree it has only made it better.

We go to car shows all year, travel all over Europe and even further. But still, the Players guy's manage to put on a show with cars that we haven't seen once in 2019. It's a beautiful mix of classic cars, drift cars, race cars and hot rods, the list goes on. It's like they all come out of the woodwork just for Classic. It feels like every time you take a lap around the show, you find something you missed out. Shooting this show is a pleasure and also a nightmare at the same time, you feel you'll never do it justice.

Just look at the variety in one image.

Let's talk cars, as we said the variety of cars on show here is like no other so we're gonna try and cover something for everyone but here are a few of our stand out cars from the event. Firstly we have this Milestone71's Rubystone Red 964, simplicity is key.

Simplicity is key.

We don't really cover Mercedes here too much at ILB, classic BMW's really take our eye usually but we spotted this Merc 190E parked up in the paddocks. Two-tone paint and BBS RF's make this such a clean build and it deservedly took a top 10 award on Saturday.

The MK5 Golf has aged well in our opinion and one of our good friends in Chris Wallis' one is an ultra clean example that really works. Paint that is that good it looks like its dripping of the car with mirror polished OZ Futura's sitting in lip all round, its perfect.

  • Sorry to babble on about these guys in every single report we do but it's kinda impossible not to, it's those boys from Kean again. This year they transported their Ferrari 308 (as they did last year) accompanied this time around by the newest build out the workshop, the Pantera - hands down the craziest build at the show and it took away Best of Show on Sunday.

From render to real life, we have the JVC's GT86 collaboration with the infamous Kyza. It's so awesome to see these renders coming to life more and more often. 

“That” E92. Do you ever look at a car and just think, "that looks illegal"? 

If you've considered coming to this show but never made the trip because it's "too far" etc, next year grab a few mates book an AirBnb (ours had a pool) It's all things to car people dripping in class at Goodwood, what's not to like. We want to say thank you to the guys at Players for making us feel as welcome as they always do. Awesome bunch of people and we can't wait for next year. I know that this isn't the end of new things for Classic either. This show is seriously not one to be missed.

Words & Photos: Alex Carroll.
Location: Goodwood, Chichester, England.