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VW Days 2019

by Alex Carroll
19th June 2019 · France

We're back in Europe, more specifically the city of Saint-Quentin in northern France. On the agenda this time was VW Days hosted by the guys at Club Golf Ile De France (IDF). This is only our second visit to the event, but this year it is celebrating its 20th Anniversary; making it one of the longest running shows on the calendar.

There was one thing that stuck out the most from last year... this show is super chilled out ( durning the day anyway ). Good music, nice cars, great weather and beer on tap. It’s the perfect event to catch up with old faces from all over the UK and Europe, and meet plenty of new ones along the way.

The number of English cars making the annual pilgrimage over increases hugely year on year, the hotel car parks in the city are filled with the English. If you where there, I'm sure you know exactly what we're on about. With Saint-Quentin being only 120(ish) miles south of the Tunnel, it’s not hard to see why so many make the trip.

Now, onto the cars. As I'm sure you've guessed, this is a VAG show. However as always, there are a few sneaky BMW's thrown into the mix. But we ain’t complaining.

The amount of cars on BBS "E" wheels ( you know - the really good ones ) was ridiculous; so we're gonna turn our focus to them for the first few photos.

First up we have this lovely 964, with a set of BBS E52's mounted to it, an incredibly special set of wheels.

BBS E52's, wow.

Sticking with E52's there was another 2 sets in close proximity to the 964, one set on a red MK2 G60 GTi..

BBS E52, again wow.

..and the other on a MK2 Rallye.

BBS E52, yep still wow.

It wasn't just older stuff utilising the "E" wheel, we spotted a few of the new school stuff running them too. Here we have an RS3 on a set of E88's.

RS3 running E88's.

Something we always notice at VW Days is the French really know how to put together a solid MK4 Golf. This one was parked on the grass infront of the stage and for me was one of the stand out cars of the whole event. BBS RS', Recaro Pole Positions with white backs and a white cage to match. Simple but brilliant.

So simple and so good.
Pole Positions and a body colour half cage, perfect.

For those of you that know me personally, you'll know how much I just love E36 BMW's; so naturally I'll always find a good one if it’s at a show. This San Marino blue one was tucked away right out the back of the show but that didn't stop me finding it and poking around it for far too long.

Timeless shape.
So clean without a wing.

We'll let the gallery do the rest of the talking, our final word on this one is; if it you're into cars and looking for a weekend away with your mates, this is an absolute no brainer.

Oh and keep an eye out for our Vlog from the weekend, you'll get to see us all having that "great time" we mentioned earlier.

Location: Saint-Quentin, France.
Photos & Words: Alex Carroll.