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XS Carnight - Worthersee Edition 2019

by Alex Carroll
3rd June 2019 · Austria

XS Carnight Wörthersee Edition 2.0 - The event that’s at an event, that’s not actually an event. Confused? Let me explain.

If you have planned a trip to the infamous Wörthersee, then you have definitely experienced the age old problem... when the hell do you go? The actual event “Wörthersee Treffen” takes place at the start of June, so you’d think that would be a good time to go, right? Nope, everyone’s already probably been and gone. 2 weeks before that date is really one of the best times to visit the lake.

So we have a question: if you’ve came to this event not to actually attend the event, would you go to another event?

This is where XS Carnight Wörthersee Edition 2.0 comes into the picture. The eagle eyed readers will notice the 2.0 and the Sherlock Holmes out there might even realise this isn’t the first time XS have held a show here. Being no strangers to the car scene, these guys have been running shows and events for the last 20 years.

The hype leading up to the show was crazy, literally everyone was talking about it. No pressure for the XS guys to deliver. The hype was so big that most people ended up in Wörthersee at the same time. We’ve never seen the place so busy. All the visitors that had usually been spread out over 2 weeks had all come at once. Despite the traffic, it was an epic sight to see.

So what about the show? It was held in Klagenfurt, which is on the eastern shore of Lake Wörthersee. The show was contained in the Carinthian Exhibition Centre and spanned over 5 halls, was it 5? Maybe 6? Either way the show was massive. It was big, but not as big as those flags, legit though, how big where they?!

We’ve said it before, if you want to set your event apart from the rest, it’s all in the details. XS Carnight never fall short in that department. Let’s take the main hall for example, stage? check. Revolving platform with the winner from XS Carnight Berlin? Check. DJ? Check. Centre platform for Volkswagen R team complete with Rally cars, lighting rig and flags? Check. The biggest flags you’ve ever seen? Check. That’s just one hall.

With this being XS Carnight and Wörthersee, it's no surprise that the standard of cars on show were on a completely other level. So let's see them:

You can be forgiven for not knowing what car this is, or even if you do you’ll probably have never seen one on the road. Here we have a De Tomaso Pantera, a mid-engine sports car produced by Italian automobile manufacturer De Tomaso from 1971 to 1993 and as I’m sure you can all see this one is far from standard - that’ll be because the guys over at Kean Suspension have got their hands on it. If you’re unsure on who Kean are they are responsible for our 2018 Wörthersee poster car, the bagged Ferrari 308GTB.

The list of changes that Kenny and Andy (KeAn) have made to the standard car are huge so bare with us as we try and remember a few! They have custom fabricated the air kit for the car using Accuair management and bolted huge over fenders to the body, allowing the huge wheels to tuck.

Kenny told us that he didn’t want the rear to actually be as low as it is but only finishing the car the night before leaving Belgium for Austria he didn't have the chance to change it. Onto those huge wheels, the rears are 20x15’s no less wrapped in 345/30/20 Toyo R888R’s which in itself is just madness - from behind this car looks out of this world.

There has also been an engine swap from the standard 351 Ford V8 to a 427 Ford V8, keeping it Ford in an attempt to get by Belgian TUV testing as the “standard” engine - it does have around 600hp which is far from the standard 330hp. It's safe to say after a full day filming with this car for our 2019 after movie, it's more than a handful.

Unless you’ve been under a rock while Wörthersee has been on, I’m sure you will have seen @Jason_GTi’s incredible collection of cars. Transported from the UK to Austria just for the show. If you haven’t he has taken an Escort Cosworth, a Delta Integrale, an E30 M3, a MK2 GTi and a Fiat Uno Turbo. All restored back to their original glory and then had them all fitted with AccuAir and new wheels - what a guy.

Oh and he has his Huracan Performante there too, you know incase he gets bored of the other 5.

We’re gonna focus on our favourite of the bunch, the Lancia Delta Integrale. A 90’s poster car for most petrolheads and in many peoples eyes, a car that should be left untouched. Jason has thrown that out the window, having the car stripped back down to the bare metal shell and being repainted to the factory yellow. 

Once that was done it was off for a custom air ride kit with Accuair Management to get it sitting much closer to the floor, perfectly complimented by BBS Magnesium wheels - there arn't many old school BBS' that don't work. This is proof.

One of the standout cars on display outside at XS was this Volkswagen UP!, the hearing aid beige paintwork caught our eye straight away. 

Aired out, it sat perfectly on the lips of a set of Gotti's. It wasn't until we got closer that we seen it's real party piece, a VR6 squeezed into the small space where the standard engine once sat. Every time we walked past the car it had crowds around it trying to work out how in the world the owner had managed to shoehorn in it there, we best thing is a hoot to drive.

As I’m sure some of you will know we like an E36 here at ILB, Alex probably likes them a little bit too much if we’re honest. This is arguably the best one in Europe, painted Fashion Grey with matching cage inside the car has had many different looks but Vincenc has done something a bit different this time around colour coding all the plastics to set it apart from the rest. The wheel choice this time around was classic BMW with a set of wide 18” Breytons with some fine mathematics to achieve the perfect fitment front and rear.

Is this the future of car modification we’re seeing here? One of two bagged Tesla Model S’ owned by @tesla_erik, one for him and one for his girlfriend - cool guy. If you were in Worthersee you may have seen the red one doing a few burnouts and slides out of junctions, who says electric cars aren’t fun. The lime green example sat on the floor tucking huge wheels really caught our eye and we think Erik might be one step ahead of the game.

We'd highly recommend going to any of the shows the guys at XS Carnight put on in. True events.

Photos: Alex Carroll
Words: Alex Carroll
Location: Wöthersee, Austria