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Eurocrew 2019

by Adam McPeake
25th June 2019 · Spain

My favourite thing about ILB Drivers Club isn’t the cars we get to see, nor is it the videos we get to produce. It’s the people and locations we get to visit. We have been extremely lucky that each time we accept an invitation to attend a foreign show that we are welcomed with nothing but amazing hospitality. This is how we felt the first time we attended Eurocrew, and even more so in 2019.

Held in the beautiful city of Valencia, Eurocrew is a relativity new event. So each year brings vast more cars, more people and new experiences. 

Throwback to last years event.

In 2019 the show boasted “we step up our game”, and that they did. Last year the show was held at a local town hall park. It was one of the most relaxed and chilled out shows we’d ever attended. In the main show area, there were beers for 1 euro; that tells you everything you need to know.

So when we heard the guys at Eurocrew were leaving this location behind and moving indoors, we thought “why do an indoor show in Spain?”. “You have this amazing weather, wouldn’t you rather be out in the sun?”

Either way, we weren’t going to miss out - so we headed back in April to check out what the guys had in store this year. Upon stepping inside their new venue we were proven wrong. They had swapped their small outdoor venue for one of the largest and quite honestly the most interesting indoor venues we’ve seen to date. This place was not only massive, but it was pretty damn cool as well. I still missed being in the sun, but a temperature controlled hall did make for a better days work in the end.

Everywhere you look inside you can see all the work that has been put into this show, from the banners at every corner, to the Sisha lounge, car platforms, and stage; these guys really did step up their game.

The diverse range of cars continued to grow as well, in both makes and models. More people flooded into the halls as well, there was people from all corners of Spain, as well as some venturing as far as Portugal, France, England, Belgium, Germany, and even Russia.

Barcelona based Fullgas Auto brought along their mean af Supra mk3. I loved the fact these guys just jumped into it on Monday and drove it 200 miles home with no bonnet.

Another big head turner was Luquez Carbon's 370z. This rolled in on the Sunday and there wasn’t one time where it wasn’t surrounded with people.

For me personally there as a couple stand out cars. The first was this S14, which not only sat very well, but actually didn’t have an engine under the bonnet. So when it was time to shoot after - it needed a push. 

Though the range of cars were pretty diverse, there was definitely a bit of a theme going inside the inner circle of the show. I counted at least 5 super clean BMW’s in close proximity to the stage; but I’m definitely not complaining.

Not a car, but this guy may have just won the show for me. Laptop & a ladder, along with two cameras while using the phone - this is a first for me at any event.

Eurocrew really did live up to their name. They have a goal of reaching all of Europe; so when it came to getting judges on board to pick the winners they headed out of Spain. They invited some well known names from Germany, Swizterland and England. Our friends at Flgntlt and Camber headed up the German vote, Swissbox from Switzerland and the lads from Players gave the English vote.

All in all, we were very impressed what the guys had put together - these are guys and girls in their early twenties who have a strong desire to put on one of the best events in Europe; and if 2019 has anything to say about it, they are well on their way to doing so.

Photos by: Adam McPeake & Robbie Donaldson
Words by: Adam McPeake