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Dubshed X 2019

by Adam McPeake
16th April 2019 · Northern Ireland

It doesn't feel like it, but people have been stepping foot inside Dubshed for a decade. For us, that means a lot, and we'd like to take a moment to tell you why.

2010 was not just an important year for the history of Dubshed, but it was the year ILB ( or I Love Bass as we were then known by ) was formed. This was the beginning for both of us, even though we did not attend the first year - the event seen 200 cars and around 600 people step into the then King's Hall's Alexander hall.

The following year the organisers GTINI invited us, just two lads with some Nikons to sell some of our stickers at their event, it was the first time we attended an event with a trade stand, well a £20 B&Q gazebo, two wallpapering tables and a couple of tees to be exact. It's funny to look back on but it's where we started and because of this, we've always felt Dubshed as our home - and have had nothing but support for the show ever since.

The show remained in the King's Hall for the next four years. Taking up more and more halls until there wasn't any left. It was time for the guys to move. In 2016 Dubshed left the King's Hall and headed for the Eikon Centre. For the new venue launch, the guys opened the door to all things German plus they even gave us our own hall to fill with whatever we wanted! Naturally, we filled it with everything from juiced jaguars to planes. 

From a small show in the King's Hall to one of the headline shows on the UK show calendar, it's been a joy to watch it grow. Especially with it being our home show. Each year brings new visitors to the island of Ireland to see what these shores have to offer. The standard of cars that we see somehow manages to improve year on year and 2019 was no exception. 

It may be the 10th year of Dubshed but the guys are still pushing the event to the next level with changes every year. This year saw the guys opening another new hall that was home to everything from chopped up race cars to the cleanest german builds.

With the addition of the new larger Logan Hall, the guys at Dubshed took a step further into the unknown; becoming a show for all makes and models for the first time. The Logan Hall became the non-vag section - filled with anything from Vauxhall Novas to classic Merc's and fully built drift cars, variety at its finest.

Many of the above were parked up around our pop-up shop in the middle of the hall, but we'll get to those in a second.

Let's talk about the cars, and what better place to start than with what Dubshed is known best for - Volkswagens. 

Matt McCammond's Mk2 Golf was personally my favourite car at Dubshed, it is a perfect execution of how a mk2 should look in my eyes. Perfection takes time though, Matt's been building this for around 5 years to get it where it is today and it shows.

To the untrained eye it may look like another black MK2 Golf on BBS but theres a whole lot more to it than that - for starters it's powered by a VR6 Turbo. Airlift allows him to run mega tight tuck on those RS' and inside is a full Harris Tweed retrim (a la McPeake) and a CAE Shifter.

Best of Show this year went to this extremely well put together 6n2 with the age old recipe for goodness - BBS RS', OEM+ period Recaro interior and immaculate paintwork. Under the bonnet was a 1.8T also which would make this as good to drive as it is to look at.

This brings us over to the cars parked over at our pop-up shop in the Logan Hall, firstly we have Paul Hicklin’s Hilman Imp. He debuted this car at Dubshed last year and having made some changes over the past 12 months to get that front even further down it now sits pretty much on the floor.

Another one parked around the pop-up shop was Steve Frasers latest build, a bright Orange TTRS - no-one can tell him this is just another grey Audi. He managed to book the wrong ferry so if you were at this show on Saturday only you may have missed it as it came inside at 6pm Sunday - well done Steve.

The usual combination of Airlift and Rotiforms for him is in full force here again to great effect, you really can’t miss this car.

We love a BMW here at ILB and there were plenty to choose from in the Non-Vag hall, one of my personal favourites was Aaron Black’s 318is E30. Race car meets stance car, Airlift suspension teamed with a set on Image wheels, full white roll cage and smooth bay for the 318is motor to sit in.

To say the last ten years have flown by is an understatement. I still remember the first time I walked into Dubshed, it was like I walked into this whole other world I never knew existed. It truly helped set the path for ILB for the next 9 years and I look forward to it every single year.

Here's to the next ten years!

Photos: Alex Carroll
Words: James Preston, Adam McPeake & Alex Carroll
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland