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Ultimate Dubs 2019

by Alex Carroll
15th March 2019 · England

After bracing the UK's cold winter months, it's time for this years builds to come out of hibernation. We start our UK show season calendar where it both starts and ends, The International Centre in Telford for Ultimate Dubs. With the hours of work, blood, sweat and tears going into each build, it's always an exciting time to see what everyone has been up too. 

For us this year, we didn't focus on building a car (as usual) instead we spent the week before being master builders. We decided that it was time freshen up our trade stand and create a whole new pop up shop. Pretty handy to do when Adam McPeake is the reincarnation of Noah. What do you think? 

If you seen us pulling out what looked to be a builders merchants from the back of a van, would you have thought it could have turned into this? Thanks to all you guys that came and give us some compliments about it, we really appreciated it after the late nights. 

With Ultimate Dubs being host to the unveiling of everyones new builds, it is no surprise that the quality of the cars inside is extremely high. It's not just these cars that makes UD a great show. Being the first of the year means that you get to see all those great people in the car scene that you haven't seen since the show season ended. It's cliche to say, but it really is the people in the car scene that makes it what it is. Enough with the soppy stuff. Lets talk about the cars.

Technically this is Ultimate Dubs so we should probably start with some VAG goodness. If you ventured over to our Ark you will have seen Alex Down's (@alexdowns5) Mk1 Golf that he had finished up for the show. Now if you had of went to look at his bonnet, you'd have seen the smooth bay, PD130 swap. The level of finish on this thing is crazy.  

Wheels are one of the most important parts of any build. So Alex used to run a set of Gotti's which have now been swapped out for a set of 16" custom made 3-piece VW Montreal splits which are absolutely perfect for the car. 

Over on the Airlift stand we spotted Henry Gilbert's aka Riiva Design's (@riivadesign) brand new off the line A6, murdered out on a set of new Rotiform VCE-T's.

Henry makes a habit of showing up to Ultimate Dubs with limo tinted windscreens on his cars and this year he did not disappoint. 

We can't really talk about cars at this show without mentioning Andy's (@caffineiscool) lastest build, some of you already know he has a Liberty Walk kitted M4 which is utterly ludicrous in itself, as you can see here.

Somehow he has managed to 1-up himself buy bagging his recently purchased AMG GTC, bolting up some Rotiform OZ-T’s and having the full AMG GTR kit fitted to it.

Sticking with the Mercedes theme I ventured out side and found this utterly ridiculous S400 owned by Adam King (@addms) from our good friends over at FittedUK. Personally this was my favourite car of the weekend, it just oozes presence and I mean just like at the size of the thing.

We’ll finish this section with something that is fast becoming part of the furniture here at ILB, Reece Parr’s E30, this car has had a huge response since he brought it back for our feature and now people had chance to see it for themselves. The car constantly had a crowd around it all day and it's easy to see why.

Another great year at UD was had by all here at ILB, keep an eye out for the behind the scenes VLOG from the full weekend coming soon.

Photos & Words: Alex Carroll
Location: Telford, England