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Bicester Heritage - The Sunday Scramble

by Alex Carroll
17th January 2019 · England

We have a change from our usual programming, we aren't all about stanced cars you know. For this article you join us at the "Sunday Scramble" at Bicester Heritage - a must visit event for any petrolhead. The metal on show here is almost a who's who of iconic cars with anything from 1920's pre-war cars right up to the newest off the line supercars.

So what is Bicester Heritage? It was Founded in 2013 and has gone from a standing start to a place where over 40 specialist businesses now call their home. There's nothing else like it. It's based at RAF Bicester, a beautiful 420 acre former WW2 RAF Bomber Training Station that has been delicately restored. It is now housing some of the rarest cars stored in the hangars and specialist workshops focusing on keeping the most wonderful classic cars in circulation. Arriving here feels like a real life time-warp and it oozes character, with even the paint colours being correct to 1930s British Standards. An active airfield and test track complete it’s dynamic operation. Collectively, Bicester Heritage is all about driving the future of the past.

We can all agree that this is a more than appropriate place to host an event such as the Sunday Scramble. Kick starting the new year as the first open day of 2019, giving everyone a chance to shake off those post Christmas and New Year blues and take in some vintage, classic and modern classic vehicles, mixed in with a public "car park" full of exotica and some of the biggest owners clubs from across the country. The Scramble has very quickly become an event that pulls in not just locals but enthusiasts from all over, with the organisers saying this is the busiest Scramble they have seen yet. We will be back at Bicester for the next Scramble in April but for now enjoy our gallery of what this great event had to offer.

Firstly we love an old BMW here at ILB so we were pleased to find this Alpina’s spin on the humble E21- the B6 2.8. This is believed to be 1 of only 2 genuine B6 2.8’s in the UK, super cool.

Sticking with the BMW theme, an F81 M3 - no that isn’t a typo, F81 meaning touring. Running full F80 M3 running gear including twin-turbo straight six, brakes and transmission - painted in San Marino Blue from the M4 CS.

This doesn't really need much explanation, its an F40 after all - casually sat in the car park.

We absolutely can't wait to get back for the next event. We hope you guys enjoy this slightly different content for a change!

Photos & Words by: Alex Carroll