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Worthersee 2018 - the film

by Adam McPeake
13th December 2018 · Austria

We know, we know. It's been seven months since we were driving around lake Wörthersee back in May. But with a crazy busy summer came crazy delays! Right after Wörthersee Jordan, James and myself took a tour through Europe. In the period of 4 weeks we attended shows in Germany, France, England and Poland - we sold merchandise and made some awesome vlogs. James and I also shot some pretty nice after movies, with the Raceism and Players Classic ones already out, we still have VW Days and XS Car night to release. It's been a pretty manic summer here at ILB.

So Wörthersee being the passion project that it is has taken a bit of a back seat. Especially with how nowadays when I sit down to edit one of these films, I find myself taking longer and longer at the computer. Either it's picking the music, cutting together the scenes or just adjusting the little details like the sound effects that more than likely only I notice; these films take a lot of time to put together.

But finally, it's time to release Wörthersee - The Film 2018. We were honoured this year to have our 2017 film nominated for Best Event film at the International Motor Film Awards. So the pressure truly was on this year when creating our new film.

I want to spend this article writing a little bit about the making of the film, but before I do that. Please, sit back and enjoy the film - and come back and read my thoughts if you enjoyed the film.

This trip got off to a pretty rocky start, we landed in Munich and very quickly found out one of our bags was missing. It didn't make the flight.

The bag that Aer Lingus had so kindly left behind was our Movi Pro box, the stabiliser I use for pretty much 80% of all shots that make up our films. This was a pretty drastic hic-up, as the airport was 200 miles north of where we were staying at Wörthersee. I knew that when that bag eventually turned up, it would mean a trip back to the airport to collect it; as any airport courier would either take too long or not bring it at all.

We eventually got it back, 4 days later ( James made the trip back to collect it ), the day before we went home. This completely messed up our plans for the film - and was a big hurdle to overcome.

But we did overcome it - the guys at FLGNTLT introduced us to Mike Crawat, a photographer from Belguim who kindly lent us his Ronin-M ( another stabiliser ) that allowed us to shoot the majority of the shots we would have got with the Movi Pro - yet a little more difficult, and not quite as good. It had no screen or sun hood, so if you saw me filming at Wörthersee more than likely I had a jumper over my head blocking out the sun. Niceeee.

The first day of filming entailed us meeting up Andy and the guys from Kean Suspensions - also from Belguim. They had their Ferrari 308 at the lake, and it was turning heads everywhere it went, we had to get this feature and managed to do so by getting the guys to stay an extra day in town to allow us to film it. This car makes up the final scene in the film, and is honestly one of my favourite scenes I have ever filmed.

On the first day, we had no stabiliser and hadn't met Mike yet - so no Ronin-M either. So I opted to embrace it, and filmed the entire thing handheld on the Sony FS7, which I think turned out amazing. The handheld cinematic look matches the feel of the scene well. It was quite interesting sitting in the boot of a car with a camera in my hand, flying around every corner trying to get something, anything at all in focus...

We loved the 308 so much that when we were thinking about what car to feature on our movie poster, there was no other option. We teamed up with Daumantas Pipiras once more, the artist who created our poster for The Strip 2.0 last year to create a new limited edition poster for Wörthersee. Now available from our online site.

When putting these films together, one of the most important things to me is the music - and this film was no different.

We teamed up with some amazing artists to fill the film full of amazing songs. We created a Soundcloud playlist for you to like and repost.

Directed and Edited by:
Adam McPeake

Assistant Director:
James Preston

Music by: [ In order of appearance ]

Loud Lord - Terp Sauce

Loud Lord - Gold Beretta

Rinse Cycle - Hit Squad Killers

SHOGUN - Beat em down

sweeep x STAHL - Velvet


BPLR - the best of both worlds


Loud Lord - The getaway

Special Thanks:
Mike Crawat
Bremi aka Michael Grabowski
Clemens Kutowsky
Kevin Zimmermann
Martin Maiwald

Equipment used:

Sony A7S mk2 + Metabones
Sony FS7
Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.4
Sony 28mm - 70mm 3.5 - 5.6
Sigma 35mm 1.4
Canon 70-200mm
Freefly Movi Pro
Phathom 4 Pro

Final Cut Pro X