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Ultimate Stance 2018

by James Preston
8th November 2018 · England

Kind of like Pulp Fiction, the UK show season starts exactly where it ends.

After kicking off the year with Ultimate Dubs in the International Centre in Telford, we have returned for their sister show; Ultimate Stance. The show sees its hall doors open to cars of every kind of make and model. You can literally see everything from a bagged Hillman Imp to a juiced up low rider. Without this diversity, the show wouldn't be such a great close to the season. We wouldn't get to see all the friends that we've spent the whole show season with. It's a chance for everyone to get together for good times and goodbyes. We can dig that vibe. 

Being the last show of the year means that it was probably going to be the last time that we would see these builds as they look now. I can guarantee you that all the guys and girls will be busy over winter building and changing up their builds. Good luck to anyone diving back into their build, we can't wait to see what you guys come up with over those cold winter months.

Now for some appreciation to you guys. We really want to say thank you to every single one of you that has dropped by our stand this year, whether it was just to say hello or buy some of our merch. Without you guys, we wouldn't be able to make the content that we do. It's so humbling to hear the kind words you guys tell us about our work, we really do appreciate all of the support we get. It inspires us to continue pushing our work. We've met so many awesome people this year, been given the kindest hospitably no matter where we have travelled too, and have the best time. It's the people in this car scene that make it what it is. Supporting each other in everything we do is vital to pushing builds, content and everything in the scene to the next level. We couldn't be more grateful to be a part of it.

And without further a do, it's over to Alex to talk you through some of the cars:

"Sam Wood is awesome," that isn't a fact; it's just his instagram username. If you ventured over to our stand during the show you would have seen his Mk2 Jetta Coupe parked up centre stage. Now you may have looked at his New York State plates and thought, "ah another guy running US plates to make his car look cooler," but there's way more to it than that. Sam recently moved back to the UK from the US and couldn't bare to leave his beloved Jetta behind so he imported it over with him, cool shit right. 

It's also littered with rare parts - Kamei front lip, Zender mirrors and Hecblende to name a few, teamed with the perfect spec BBS RS' and Airlift to get it sitting just right. I don't think there's anything I'd change.

On a personal level, this is probably one of the coolest cars there is on the modified car (for want of a better word) scene. It's everything I like in cars, all rolled into one. The way it sits is ridiculous - static arch to lip fitment on a set of BBS E30's.

It's everything I like in cars, all rolled into one.

Under the bonnet is a smooth bay 16V G60 and inside is tastefully stripped out with two Recaro Pole Positions complete with harness' - it's timeless.

There's always some great builds hanging around in the car parks due to Ultimate Stance’s - lets say, unique - selection process. This is where we found Micheal Evans’ big body LS, this would not look out of place on the streets of Tokyo with its huge Work Durandals (11.5J on the rear no less) and VIP kit, the number plate isn't bad either.

This would not look out of place on the streets of Tokyo.

Classic Porsches are a soft spot for most car enthusiasts and ILB are no different, we found this incredibly clean 924 Turbo. You don’t see these things around often especially not looking like this - centre lock splits, perspex slatted windows and Momo Prototype steering wheel to name a few of the modifications. Very gentleman's racer.

Very gentleman's racer.

Unfortunately that's the end of this years show season for us. Don't worry though, it isn't the end of our content. Make sure to keep checking our socials and youtube for regular updates. We have a ton of aftermovies waiting to drop.

Again we want to say thank you to all the people that made this year as special as it was. Shoutout to everyone that helped with the aftermovies, all the guys putting on awesome shows, everyone that had a car on our stand, everyone that goes through the trouble of building a show car, our photographers, everyone that places and order, everyone that stops by for a chat, the list goes on and on. You guys are all awesome.


Photos by: Alex Carroll
Words by: James Preston & Alex Carroll
Location: Telford, England