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Cleanfest 2018

by James Preston
13th September 2018 · Scotland

If I was to say haggis, bagpipes, kilts, irn-bru, buckfast and whisky, what show would I be talking about? It's got to be Cleanfest pal. 

In all seriousness though, this isn't actually the first time that I've attended Cleanfest. All the way back in 2014, I made the trip across the Irish Sea to see what Cleanfest was all about. Now back then it was held in the tiny little Fife Airport, with cars parked up on the runaways, in the hangers, and anywhere else they could find space. I think the total indoor space fitted about 30 cars. It was an awesome location with a ton of character and interesting little details that made it unique to the show itself. Unfortunately the show began to out grow it's home in Fife, it needed to expand; not to mention an outdoor show in Scotland is always a little vulnerable to elements.

Over the past few years Cleanfest has became Scotlands biggest premium automotive event. With the show growing ever bigger, the guys at KeepItClean decided to take the plunge and move the show to a 4,200 square meter indoor exhibition hall in Edinburgh, The Royal Highland Centre. This created a space for over 100+ indoor cars, a licensed bar, a huge stage and a whole bunch of traders.

There is one thing that the guys at KeepItClean are exceptionally good at, the details. Before we even got to the show we received our VIP passes for the weekend, black laser cut acrylic in a tartan envelope. Some shows completely miss the importance of the details but not these guys, it got us super excited for the weekend that lay ahead. 

The details didn't stop there either. The show was littered with these little details, from the custom made tape to mark out the venue to the banners, stage and awards. Massive props to these guys for putting in the effort and attention to detail that sets their show apart from others. 

Every car that was entered into the show was hand picked by the guys. Making the quality of cars on show extremely high. There was a little bit of everything inside from crazy looking civic's to classic beetles. It made for a diverse variety to look at. It wasn't just Scottish cars either, there were cars from Northern Ireland to Belgium. It really does just show you the support the KeepItClean guys have!

That's enough about me blabbering on about the details, let's talk about some cars:

First up we have that crazy ass Civic that I mentioned before. Shaun Quinn has built an absolute monster, and not for the first time. I think this is about the 6th look this car has had in his 10+ years of ownership and it is easily the most epic. There is literally too much going on with this thing for me to begin and write about so I'll just let the photos do the talking. 

What's good Donatello?

Holding down the fort for the old school builds was Ryan Brown's Ford 100e. Underneath the innocent exterior of this car lies a redtop, making it a proper little beast. From what I've heard it's pushing around the 230bhp mark.

From what I've heard it's pushing around the 230bhp mark.

One car that you can't miss, even if you tried is James Olly's Pandem Cayman S. Inspired by the Gulf Oil racing colours of years past, this build really does pull a crowd and what better place than right in front of the stage. 

Inspired by the Gulf Oil racing colours of years past.

Scott Patterson's E36 estate is the perfect example of how keeping things simple can produce such an effective build. Plus this is static which boogles my mind for such a clean e36. Props.

Making the trip all the way from Belgium was Quint Brunson in his 735i. Not only is this thing an absolutely gangster but it really goes to show the huge support the KeepItClean guys get from all over Europe. 

It really goes to show the huge support the KeepItClean guy get from all over Europe.

There wasn't just one Belgium, there was a whole squad including Arne De Pauw in his Harlequin 6N. We swear he's following us. 

Travelling from a little closer to home, Northern Ireland to be exact; was Chris Darragh in his A4 and Conor Auld in his awesome E34.

Potato bread engineering.

We seen the usual suspects too...

We seen the usual suspects too...

One of our favourite details about the show was the hand made awards the guys put together. I honestly think these are some of the best awards that we have seen! 

The deserved winner of the biggest award, car of the show; was Jake Kitching's Us Spec Mk2 Golf. This build is beautiful from the engine bay to the interior. 

Shoutout to the KeepItClean guys for putting on an awesome show. It's great to see people putting hard work into every aspect of their show and always pushing to make it better! This show really is just going to go from strength to strength. We also just want to thank all you guys that stopped by the stand to say hello or picked up some of our new merchandise. We always appreciate the support where ever we go!

Words & Photos by: James Preston
Location: Edinburgh, Scotland