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Gravity 2018

by Alex Carroll
24th July 2018 · England

Last weekend saw the third instalment of SlammedUK's Gravity Event, now having earned its rightful place on the UK calendar, it's going from strength to strength with the addition of a third brand new hall which happened to be our base camp for the weekend, as saw us trading for the first time. The location remains the same at the NAEC in Stoneleigh, which is usually home to the agricultural world but for one weekend a year it invites an influx of modified cars for SlammedUK's event. One of the things we love about this show is the variety of cars that come through the doors, it's pretty much if it's cool it's allowed, which is an ethos we can get on with. 

So more on the cars, there were noticeably more than last year with the addition of the new hall which is a credit to Jordan and the team with more and more people wanting to get involved with the show. SlammedUK have contacts all over the automotive world making Gravity a place for all of these people to come together as one.

Over at the booth we had 3 awesome builds - Mikey's bagged S2K, Harvey's seriously wide 1 Series, and Jordan's aerokitted MR2.

Bagged S2K, Sacrilege!
Mega Wide Equips.
Coolest MR2?

In the main hall there was plenty of space around the cars on display which was a dream for us shooting photos and video. One of our favourites was the Honda Odyssey, I think it may be the only one of ever seen and it looks incredible dropped on its Work wheels.

Honda Space Ship.

Wheels can make or break a car, safe the say these custom made TurboFans mounted to the BBS on this Z3 definitely make it - winning Best Wheels on the day.

Custom Made Fans.

Sat in the middle of the main hall was quite the car, a Pennzoil R33 GTR. We're unsure on the specifics of this awesome thing but it really is something else. 

Pennzoil R33 GTR.
That Wing.
So Much Aero.

The final hall was a photographers dream, skylights letting the sun blaze through onto the cars through the corrugated steel roof. 

Anyone that knows our photographer Alex will know that he once had an RX8 and is convinced that they're a good idea, he found someone that shares that idea with the bagged example.

Stanced Triangle.
Talk About Caliper Clearance.

Pretty much everyone is loves an E36, especially when they're sat on the floor.

BBS RF's x E36, Always Works.

We want to say a huge thank you to Jordan for having us over for this one, Keep an eye out for our social media accounts on for teasers and updates on the upcoming aftermovie from the show. We also want to say another massive thank you to everyone that dropped by our stand to say hello or buy some merch. You guys are awesome!

What will next year have in store for Gravity.

Words & Photos by Alex Carroll.
Location: Stoneleigh, United Kingdom.