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raceism 2018

by Adam McPeake
9th July 2018 · Poland

“Your route is being calculated… 23 hours 51 minutes, 1324 miles remaining.”

We know that all good things must come to an end, and for us that meant the last leg of our Euro Tour. Driving our trusty van (minus one radiator issue) all the way to Wrocław, Poland. which just so happened to be a ferry crossing over the Irish Sea, a shuttle train under the English Channel and 1324 miles away from our HQ in Belfast. So why would we drive all this way? It's got to be for the Raceism Event 2018.

Now in it’s 8th year, we have seen this event grow from strength to strength. In 2018 the guys at Raceism extended the show grounds to fill the entire circumference of the Municipal Stadium, now allowing 800 cars to enter; almost twice as many as last year. Exhibitors travelled all the way from Ireland to Russia and everywhere in between.

Exhibitors travelled all the way from Ireland to Russia and everywhere in between.

Raceism founder and owner Adrian Kapica is constantly coming up with new ideas and concepts to push the boundaries of the show, never settling with the same quality; it is vital to him that the show progresses from one level to the next, year upon year. The determination and creativity that comes from this is what makes the Raceism Event the show that it is today. I mean who else creates a banner the entire size of a Stadium wall just for a car show? But this isn't just any old car show is it? This is the biggest event of its type in Europe, if not the world.

This is the biggest event of its type in Europe, if not the world.

At the heart of the Raceism Event is the stage, bringing the crowd together for everything from the judging to break dancing, hell this year it even hosted a brief rap concert with Bilas x Lanek. I apologise to anyone that may have had to bare witness to our terrible dancing. It is a centre point throughout the day, creating a place for people to chill out and relax.

No pressure to pull off an epic stage then Adrian. Well 3 containers, all painted in Raceism branding, topped with lights, sofas and DJ, we think he did just that. It's honestly the coolest stage setup we have ever seen at a car show.

It's honestly the coolest stage setup we have ever seen at a car show.

The main focus of Raceism branding revolved around a BMW M4 that was created by Khyzyl Salem (concept artist at EA, Ghost Games) specifically for the Raceism Event. I'm sure you guys have seen some of his ridiculously cool renders before, you might have even thought some of them were real. If you haven't, I'd highly recommend jumping on his instagram and checking some of this work out.

Now it’s cool designing a car for the posters, artwork and flyers, but Adrian didn’t just stop there. Adrian approached Khyzyl earlier in the year with the vison of bringing one of renders to life. Adrian had always been a fan of his art and he wanted to take it to the next level. He simply told him he could have a BMW M4 as a base and rest was up to him, no limits, no rules, just make something sick.

Immediately Khyzyl knew that he wanted to create something inspired by a “Time Attack X Japanese tuning" theme. Once returning from his trip to Wörthersee, he was able to complete his initial mock up which Adrian and Mike (the owner of the m4) absolutely loved. He did however make the rear fender a little bit complicated given the time frame so after a small adjustment he was given the final approval for the design. He handed the design over to the guys at Maxton to study and bring to life.

Time Attack X Japanese tuning

Khyzyl said, “I designed the kit within a day or so, the livery design took a while longer however, as it had to be something that complimented the kit's design but also be a design that I could call my own. I decided to push an older livery design I had made on a Lamborghini Huracan a bit further and adapted it to the M4. I wanted something colorful & vibrant, but something that made the car look aggressive too!”

“I arrived at the Stadium on the Friday morning and there the car was, sitting in-front of the Rotiform cargo container, I was genuinely speechless. I had no words to describe the feelings I had seeing something go from being non-existant to being real. They executed the design and my vision perfectly, and this isn't even the final version of the car. With the current car being a prototype, Maxton will make the fenders and parts from carbon, making it fully true to my renders. MAD stuff!!”

Have you ever seen anyone drifting a small house? No? Well I have, and his name is Jacob Musk and that small house is his BMW 7 series. There is a reason they call him the “Don.” Not only is he an unbelievable drifter but he is also the mechanic, tyre fitter and all round handy man. Happy to help anyone whether it’s in the pits or on the track, you'll never find Jacob not looking busy.

Have you ever seen anyone drifting a small house?

The first thing you'll notice when you walk over to the drift track is just how hard these guys go. Always pushing themselves lap after lap. Constantly getting closer and closer to the wall until they are literally brushing their rear ends the length of it. It goes without saying that there will always be knocks and bangs when the guys are pushing this hard.

No matter what happens out there, you will always be able to get a real sense of the fun they are having. There is nothing but smiles and good times. Laughing in the pits and laughing on the track, they even still have smiles on their faces when the cars go wrong. It’s extremely humbling to see everyone come together in a sport that you can tell they hold so close to their hearts.

Another aspect of this show that you can not ignore is the sheer quality of the vehicles that are on display. With cars travelling from all over Europe to attend the event, it's no surprise that the show hosts only the best of the best. With 800 cars lining the entire outside of the stadium, you where absolutely spoilt for choice.

The first car that we have to mention is this ridiculous Dodge Viper. Not only is a Viper such a rare sight on the road in Europe, a modified one is like a bloody unicorn. Built by Sebastien Polit, the Viper is static and rocking some 20x15" Rotiform ROC's. Such a cool car.

The Viper is static and rocking some 20x15

Bringing back those H2oi feels was this awesome Pontiac Fiero. We thought this was a rare build in America, never mind seeing one in Poland! Loving the 80's vibes.

Bringing on those H2oi feels

Another personal favourite of ours was this ridiculous Mercedes GTS build. Everything from the widebody kit, to the vinyls to the wheels. Every little bit of this car is awesome. I mean it even has a rain light. Can you be a real race car without a rain light?

I mean it even has a rain light.

We've seen Christian Ammer's RWB at a couple of shows already this year but this time he had some new things to show off. Rocking a set of Messer Motorsport turbofans was an awesome refresh for his RWB 911.

Messer Motorsport turbofans.

I think we've covered this car but it doesn't hurt for us to give it another mention!

We want to say a huge thank you to Adrian for bringing us over again to make the official after movie. Keep an eye out for our social media accounts on updates for the release dates.

We also want to say another massive thank you to everyone that dropped by our stand to say hello or buy some merch. You guys are awesome!

That's it for another year. We wonder what next year will have in store for Raceism.

Photos by: Alex Carroll
Words by: James Preston
Location: Wrocław, Poland