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VW DAYS 2018

by Alex Carroll
26th June 2018 · France

The next stop on our Euro Tour was in Saint-Quentin, France; for VW Days. Ran by Ilce Ilievski and the crew at Club Golf IDF. Our photographer Alex (aka the guy writing this) is a regular at the show so this time we joined him in full force, shooting video, photos and trading out of our stand. One thing we're learning as we attend these Euro shows is the vibe, its just so relaxed and this one is no exception, good music, beer on tap and great weather all make it a great event to catch up with old faces and meet plenty of new ones along the way. 

The number of British cars that made the trip over was huge, at one point I was involved in what must've been at least 30-35 cars all rolling down the French highway in formation and they were just from the Friday early morning crossings, quite the sight. With the town of Saint-Quentin being only 120(ish) miles down the A26 once you've crossed from Dover you can see why this is becoming an increasingly more popular show year after year.

As you'd expect the standard of Volkswagens at the event is second to none with everything from slammed air-cooled beetles to brand new Golf R's on air-ride and 3 piece wheels. One of my personal favourites was this small bumper Mk2 Golf on BBS E50's (I think) with a period Recaro interior was in my eyes the perfect Mk2 build

Small bumpers with BBS
Infamous Magnesium Centres.

It was a pleasure to have Jak Johnstons G40 Mk1 Golf on show at the stand, the eagled eyed people at the show will have noticed he was BBS E76's on one side and Ronal Racing on the other - this coupled with the colour of this car which just works together so well.

BBS E76 this side.
Ronal Racing this side.

Doing it for the new school VAG scene was Matt Carters A5, at first I thought that this was the same car Matt has had for years but after chatting to him he told me that this is infact a 2015 model he has painted the same colour as the previous car and swapped the parts over too making a couple of subtle changes to set it apart.

So Clean.
Matt's Custom Wheels.

Another modern car that caught my eye was Brendan Dolo's Imola Yellow Mk2 TTS, super rare to see one of these in this colour nevermind one as sorted as this running Messer Wheels with kevlar air tanks and interior details.

Imola Yellow MK2 TTS.
Forget carbon, how about kevlar?

This is such a great event held by genuinely great guys over at Club Golf IDF which is one which will definitely be a regular show for us to attend, hats off to everyone involved.

Oh and keep an eye out for the Vlog from this one, safe to say the Saturday night at the hotel gets pretty rowdy!

Words and Photos by Alex Carroll
Location: Saint Quentin, France