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XS-CarNight 2018

by James Preston
20th June 2018 · Germany

This year seen the start of our Euro Tour, taking us to 7 different countries and covering over 4,500 miles in our van.

For the past couple of years we have been selling our merchandise at car shows through out the United Kingdom. This year we wanted to go bigger and further, it was time to bring our trade stand to Europe. The first stop on the Euro Tour for our trade stand was Berlin, for XS Carnight. 

Celebrating the 20th year of XS, we knew that we couldn't miss this years event. Taking place in the biggest stadium in Germany, the Olympiastadion; Berlin's Olympic Stadium. This is arguably the best venue we have ever seen for a car show. Walking through the huge supporting columns onto the concourse you are met with a surreal sight of modified cars covering the arena floor. The stadium looks like an ancient amphitheatre full of history lessons on plagues across the walls. It makes the venue apart of the show in it's own right.

The Friday night saw the beginning of the Top 50 World Championship. Two cars where pitted against each other with the audience deciding each cars fate. Everyone attending the event was a judge. The decision came from the number of black or gold signs that the audience held up. It really made the show feel like a proper event, including the audience and making everyone feel like they were a part of it. The guys absolutely smashed their judging process.

Now another aspect to take in from the show was it's starting time. Everyone hates an early morning show start, so why not start it at 6pm? That's what the guys at XS do. Not only did it save us from the blistering 30 degree heat during the day but it also added a whole other element to the show with the interesting and unique use of lighting and projections. 

With the top 50 cars being located inside the arena, it was no doubt that the quality was going to be extremely high. But the quality didn't stop inside, cars surrounded the venue; hiding between the huge sandstone pillars.

No stranger to our instagram, @keansuspensions had two spots in the top 50. Firstly we have the 308 GTB. The guys have absolutely smashed this build. They also picked up one of Accuair's top10 awards. This isn't the last you'll see of this Ferrari from us either, there's much more coming in our Wörthersee after movie.

The guys also had their BMW E46 M3. This car is dripping in carbon goodness. Not only does it have a rocket bunny kit but they made their own carbon front wings to match. It's caged, wrapped and got a ton of other mods. 

One more BMW we need to mention is @olli_grimme's flawless 2002. We have a serious soft spot for this build. Awesome work.

Ok, I lied. This is the last BMW I want to mention, but I'm sure you wont be mad. This BMW E3 packing a pretty major punch with an M50 turbo under the bonnet.

Another Ferrari? When would you ever say no to that. We have @edelweisscustoms 250 GTO. Starting life a Datsun 280z, the work to bring this car to where it is now is so impressive. Hats off the guys behind it.

If you're trailering your car to a show, then you gotta do it right. @lexyroxx does just that, take note guys.

One car that will never be uncool. Mk1 Golf's will forever be timeless.

@moe_pipifein was chilling out on the Accuair stand. If you haven't heard this thing, it is loud. And I mean loud.

And we can't forget the Top50 winner; @qualitatief. I don't think this car needs a caption.

With this show being our first time at XS, it certainly won't be our last. The guys at XS should be extremely proud of pulling off such an awesome show. Big thanks to Andy and the guys for having us. Shoutout to all the people that stopped by the stand and had a chat or bought some merch. Keep an eye out for our after movie and vlogs coming soon!

Words and Photos by James Preston & Petr Franek
Location: Berlin, Germany