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EuroCrew 2018

by Adam McPeake
18th May 2018 · Spain

I'm going to be honest, if you had asked me about the car scene in Spain a couple of years ago I would have told you about the F1 at Barcelona, and maybe something about how Alonso should be in a faster car... one thing I wouldn't have mentioned would be the stance scene. For one, it's still quite a new scene in Spain and two, it's not one that we as a brand have really ventured into.

That all stopped at the start of 2018 - when we got an invite to be apart of the Euro Crew event. A relativity new event which started back in 2015, the event it's self-takes place in the southeastern city of Valencia.

After spending a few days with the guys behind this event, we can tell you they are true car enthusiasts. Normal guys with normal jobs, and just like the rest of us; they spend all their free time working on their cars, or just hanging out talking about cars. They started their crew back in 2013 and since then have been driving the Spanish stance scene forward and each year have been pushing their event into bigger and better places.

Our trip started on the Friday morning before the event, Robbie and I headed to Dublin for our plane to Alicante. It's always exciting the first time you head to one of these events, it's the first time you get to meet the guys you've been chatting to online for the past couple of months. It's also a great way to experience a new culture. We were greeted at the airport by Jaume, the event organiser and a few of the key crew members. They must have known we liked BMW's as they brought a lovely e46, and an e90 to bring us back to Valencia.

Driving the Spanish stance scene forward.

One thing we noticed very quickly was, these guys eat and do stuff real late - while you may be getting ready for a quick hour on TV before bed at 10pm these guys are just sitting down to have their dinner. 

The first day of the event actually starts at 4pm on the Saturday, at a local karting track. As Jaume put it "Saturday is about the people, the cars aren't important" and this couldn't be any truer. Though we spent a good bit of time on Saturday looking around the cars on display and shooting some video. Most people were just hanging out and spending time with their friends. Meanwhile, on the track, there was a Grand Prix going on which most people got involved in. Then at around 10pm ( told you ) everyone sat down for a meal together, the sense of community was really strong.

Moving on to the main show day.

When we arrived at the event on Sunday the sun was out, and the local DJ was playing techno. It may only have been 10am, but the beers were flying out of the bar. Though that could have been because they were only 1 euro. All of the above set the atmosphere for the entire day - a super chilled out event situated in a local park. I love an outdoor show that uses a really interesting and dynamic location well. This was one of those events.

Really interesting and dynamic location.

Even though the stance scene is relativity new in Spain, the cars on show would have you believe these guys had been at this game for a lot longer. There was also a decent range of makes and models on display.

Car of the show.

This E30 did it for me, it also picked up car of the show.

It's not every day you see a slammed Corvette.
All the way from France.

These lovely two mk1 Golfs travelled down from France for the show, always great to see people travelling long distances to events.

All in all, we had a fantastic weekend - and we tip our hats to everyone in EuroCrew for putting on a fantastic event.
Our official film from the event will be coming very soon! For now, check out our most recent VLOG from the event.

Words by: Adam McPeake
Photos by: Adam McPeake, Israel Salas