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Dubshed 2018

by Alex Carroll
11th April 2018 · Northern Ireland

Another year, another Dubshed!

After Ultimate Dubs comes the opener to the Northern Irish show season - Dubshed. Now in its 9th year, the show has come from a small local gathering to the headline show on the Irish calendar with visitors coming from far and wide to see what the Northern Irish and Irish crowd have on offer. The standard of cars that we see somehow manages to improve year on year and this year was no exception.

This was the show's third year at the Eikon Centre, situated within the grounds of the former and infamous Maze Prison. It now really feels at home at this venue and with a new much larger hall under construction it can only get bigger and better from here on in.

In the show halls we saw many of best cars these shores has to offer.

Rather ironically we start with a non-VW but we feel this car can't go unmentioned, Aaron Black's 318is E30 coupe. Fresh from a colour change (painted by himself no less) with a smooth bay and laid out on a set of BBS RS' a classic combo that never fails to work. After speaking with Aaron he told us he's stuck with the M42 engine rather that swapping it for a 6 cylinder as it produces not far off the some power and we feel the smaller block compliments the smooth bay superbly. Hats off to Aaron.

E30's on BBS RS' just work.
M42 tucked away in the smooth bay.
Slanty Boys.
Arch to Lip all round.

Next we move onto the marquee hall where we find this mean looking MK7R on a set of stepped lip BBS RS, you don't see many of these laid out on the UK scene so its great to see this one breaking the mould.

Laid out MK7R.
Icey BBS.

Another car you rarely see aired out is an Evo X, Greg Robins from our resident Scottish friends has other ideas with his one. As you see her its arches are resting on a set of BBS LM's - this car looks great from any angle.

Perfect from any angle.
BBS LM filling the Evo X arches well.

Captain of the ILB ship Adam McPeake had both his cars on display over on our stand.

Firstly his E28, which he revealed at last years show, now with a raised engine after sumping it thirty minutes post Dubshed last year. The car has seen it's full interior retrimed in Harris Tweed, with a set of Recaros added for good measure.

It certainly drew in the crowds.
Harris Tweed Recaros.

Adam's 'sensible daily' was also on display, which if you watched our last Crew Cars video you'll know it has recently had many modifications including a set of Bilstein B16 Coilovers, Ispiri FFR7 20" wheels, an OEM Carbon Kit and M Performance Exhaust - so it know sounds as good as it looks.

Ispiri FFR7's

We also found this serious Mk1 MX5 outside the show halls, with a MK2 Varis bumper that had been fettled with to get it to fit, props for that. It also had other cool details such as a perspex rear plate cover and light bar in place of its reverse lights.

Mk2 Varis bumper on a Mk1, yep.
Yes that is his reverse light.

The team at GTINI once again brought us a great show as they do year, we're thankful for the effort they put into this, proof that hard work really does pay off.

Words & Photos: Alex Carroll
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland