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Ultimate dubs 2018

by Alex Carroll
14th March 2018 · England

It's that time again, winter is over and thousands of people flock to the International Centre in Telford for the season opener - Ultimate Dubs. It's our 5th year trading at the show and now based in the main hall it was the perfect opportunity to show off our new rebranded booth and merchandise. The show opens for a few hours on the Saturday evening before the pre-show party at Club Oxygen that you may have spotted a few of the ILB boys at getting their shoes covered in that mysterious blue stuff, what even was that? Sunday morning is a sight of quite a few sore heads feeling the effects of the previous night.

Year on year, UD becomes more of a trade show with the majority of the space inside taken up by traders showcasing the highest standard of builds they've been working on for customers over those cold winter months, the quality of the cars on display this year were high as always.

We were there on Official Aftermovie duties, which will be coming out within the next couple weeks. But let's talk about the cars...

My personal favourite of the weekend was Henry Gilbert's (@henry81)/ Riiva Design's (@riivadesign) VW Arteon which has a tinted windscreen, brave man. 

Sleek & Classy.
Airlift, Rotiform, Tarox.

Real life Gran Turismo, 650hp R34 GTR on TE37's owned by Mark Riccioni (@mark_scenemedia)

Real Life Gran Turismo.
Bayside Blue R34 GTR.

1 of 30 M4 GTS' in the UK and more than double the cost of a standard M4 hasn't stopped Max Marshall making it meet the ground with a tailored Airlift kit from MMR Performance and Riiva Design complimented perfectly by a set of lightweight Ispiri FFR6's. 

TTS on Messers.
Ispiri Wheels + Airlift Performance + BMW M4 GTS
WideBody Kenwood 'Rocco.

Another great year at UD was had by all here at ILB, keep an eye out for the behind the scenes VLOG from the full weekend coming soon.

Photos & Words: Alex Carroll
Location: Telford, England