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Victor Korotko's Audi A6

by James Preston
22nd February 2018 · England

"Are you going to that show this weekend?"

"Nah mate, It's a little too far." - One sentence that has never passed the lips of Victor Korotov.

Let's start from the beginning, who is Victor? Victor is a founder, an entrepreneur, a traveller, and a car modifier. Hitting up 28 countries and 45 states of America, he hasn't been sitting about. Did I mention he was from Russia? Victor organizes the largest VAG show in Russia, Vagburg Fest, bringing in a crowd of more than 2500 participants for the last 11 years. The VW stage in Russia is developing slowly but surely. Despite the expensive parts and difficulty of actually getting the parts, people still continue to build very interesting projects. As the culture in Russia grows more and more, people are becoming ever more interested in the events and the culture. Even from our own perspectives of attending the past two years of the Grounded Event, we can see the culture only becoming stronger and stronger.

Victor became fascinated with cars about 12 years ago, when he bought his first car. It was a Volkswagen Passat 35i or a Passat B3. Now when you think of a first car, you're thinking simple mods. Maybe some wheels and coilovers. What did Victor do to his Passat? He stuck an RB25DET in and made it RWD. To be honest, it was pretty serious.

So why do we have a feature of Victor's A6 on the roof of a car park in Portsmouth? Last year saw Victor driving his Audi A6 from Russia to Worthersee, Worthersee to VW Days, VW Days to Players Classic. And that's exactly where we met up with him. This isn't his first road trip either, 6 years ago he took his A4 B8 on Rotiforms to Worthersee. You might remember the car, it was bright pink (matched to his wife's lipstick) and it was the one on Russian plates incase you got confused.

So this is a car feature after all, let's talk about the car. The idea of buying an A6 wasn't actually Victors. It was his wife's. First of all he had to decide on the colour and after his last A4, we knew it could be pretty out there. He settled on this mustard colour. And being completely honest, if I seen it on a test sheet, I'd be worried what it was. But on Victors A6, It pulls it off flawlessly.

In the wheel department, Victor's gone with some pretty big Rotiform HUR's. Running 11" all round, with an et of 25 on the front and 35 on the rear. All wrapped up in Michelin Pilot Super Sports for good measure. Although after putting the wheels on he said they looked empty. But he had a solution, a full HPBrakes Ultimate kit.

In the engine department, Victor is making 430bhp and 500 Nm from Revo stage 2 along with Revo's S-Tronic Software, a Revo supercharger pulley and a custom exhaust. I'm sure this thing boogies.

I wonder what 2018 will have in store for Victor and his travels?

Here is the full Spec List:


- Revo Stage 2 
- Revo S-Tronic Software
- Revo Supercharger Pulley
-Custom Exhaust

— Front bumper RS-look XENONZUK
— Rear diffuser RS-look XENONZUK
— Side skirts S-line
— Trunk shaving
— Rear window wiper deleted 
— Full paint 

— AirLift Performance front struts
— Accuair E-level controller
— Valve block AirUnit
— compressor ViAir 480
— tank - Specialty Suspension 

-Front 21x11 et25
-Rear 21x11 et35
— Tyres :Michelin Pilot Super Sport 245/30

— HPBrakes Ultimate
    Front 380х34 8pot
    Rear 365х32 6pot

Interior :
— the seats were retrimmed in light colored leather + alcantara
— doors alcantara
— ceiling alcantara

Location:  Portsmouth, England
Words by: James Preston
Photos by: Sam Rutter