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H2oi 2017

by Adam McPeake
15th December 2017 · United States

Over the last weekend in September / first of October, we headed back stateside to attend the world famous H2o International. Except this year, there was no show; it had been cancelled just a month or so before. But that didn't stop us - or thousands of others flooding into the seaside town.

Over the period of four days, we shot our second ever H2oi film - based around some of our favourite cars and locations in Ocean City. Named after the nickname given to the coastal highway that sees the majority of the action, this is The Strip 2.0.

When we started ILB back in 2010, I remember watching a film from the guys at Dubbers Inc with the LMFAO track "Every Day I See My Dream" - it was one of the first car films I had seen where it was just a bunch of mates taking a road trip to an awesome looking event. It wasn't until last year that I realised that the event they were heading to was H2oi. 

Fast forward 7 years to us releasing our second H2oi film today, which now holds the spot as being one of the highlights of our year - it feels good to connect that to the days when we started the website. We're still doing it for the same reason.

H2oi this year was a bit different, for us it was rowdier than the previous year; it seemed busier too. We've heard the same from others, who have attended many more times than us. Was that because the actual show was cancelled, so more people stayed local and hung about more in the city? I'm not sure, but one thing is for sure, the event that people travel across the country and even the world for, is the one in Ocean City, the one that isn't sanctioned and the one we based our film about.

This year myself and James wanted to continue with the film we had put together in 2016. The 80s theme went down better than we expected, so we knew we had to bring it back. This year we've worked with some amazing artists - Betamaxx and Klassy Jones are back, two awesome Synth artists we featured last year. Klassy even allowing us to use some unreleased music. Then VHS Glitch, Highway Superstar, Vi Res and Damned also all allowing us to use their music for the backing score this year.

Trying to tie in the 80s theme a bit more we recreated the 80s Paramount Studios logo with our own twist, created titles and a logo based around the time period and based the entire intro like something from an old 80s crime classic.

This year also saw us stepping up equipment game a bit more. I brought along our new Freefly Movi Pro for it's first ever film. Which is one of the reasons this year has so many slick rollers. I also played with some suction and clamp mounts throughout the film which created some interesting angles.

James and I hope you like the film, and if you'd like to help support us making more check out our merchandise here;

We even created a movie poster this year based on our 80s theme, which you can now purchase here;

Directed & Edited by:

Assistant Director:

Music ( In order of appearance )

VHS Glitch - No Mercy

Dammed - All we need

Vi Res - Side A. Fallout

Highway Superstar - Dialtones

Betamaxx - Midnight Prospect

Klassy Jones - Savage Void

Highway Superstar - Prism Break

Klassy Jones - Feel the Fire

VHS Glitch - Road To The Battlefield

Betamaxx - Something Else (feat. Hayley Stewart)

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Starring ( In order of appearance )

John Ludwick
Ben Walker
Karel Couture
Kristian Donaj
Junior Smith
Josh Mawdesley
Kyle Scaife
Greg Zorn
Thierry Prevost
Nick Harding
Mike Cashman

Equipment used:

Sony FS7 + Metabones Speed booster
Sony A7S mk2 + Metabones
Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.4
Sony 28mm - 70mm 3.5 - 5.6
Canon 70-200mm 2.8 IS
Sigma 35mm 1.4

Freefly Movi Pro
DJI Phantom 4
Manfrotto Suction Mounts
Zoom H4N

Final Cut Pro X

Adobe After Effects