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Players 11

by Alex Carroll
20th September 2017 · England

Players 11, can you believe how quickly these years go by?!

This is the 11th annual instalment of this event, where the North Weald Airfield gets filled with a whole variety of metal from Lambo's to Hot Rods and even an Austin Allegro. The atmosphere of the show very much differs from Players Classic; it's all loud music, revving engines and we even spotted a couple of burnouts. Terrible terrible behaviour that.

We were surprised by the number builds in attendance that we hadn't come across before, as well as some of our favourites from this year's show season.

One of those is Rob Goodwin's (@st4rk3y) immaculate E28 which was deservedly given the Car of the Show award. 

Old is Gold.

Here is the before mentioned Austin Allegro. 

How cool is that?

The fitment on Nathan's (@nayf_46) M3 is bang on.

Arch to Lip.

One of my personal favourites, @vasco_sbx's MK7 GTi. 

So Clean, So Simple.

You can always rely on seeing something out of the ordinary at this show and this year is no different, here we give you a juiced Citroen Picasso.

Yes, a Citroen Picasso.

We are advocates of very low, very static cars here at ILB. Simon's (@scrub.lxrd) EK is ridiculous, I spotted this driving up and down the runway after the awards and it defies logic. 

Crazy Fitment.

Thank you to the Players team for the hospitality as always, we'll have something a little different on the video side of things for this one. We'll be back for Ultimate Stance to close the season in November.

Photos & Words by Alex Carroll
Location: Essex, England