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Edition38 2017

by Alex Carroll
5th September 2017 · England

It's September, the summer is pretty much over and we're back in Northampton, well more specifically we're at Overstone Park for our annual weekend of madness at Edition38; filled with burgers, booze and burnouts. We arrived on Friday afternoon, some of us slightly worse for wear after a few bottles of Buckfast on the minibus ride over and headed straight to the camp site to set up our home from home for the weekend. We took up our usual spot somewhere on the famed rev it strip - nice and rowdy, just how we like it. With that being said, Friday evening was a relatively chilled atmosphere with most groups hanging out around camp fires.

Saturday morning arrives and we're woken bright and early by the blazing sunshine coming through our tents. We had some breakfast and a few games of swingball before heading up to the show field to get our stand open for trading that day - while cracking open a few cold ones with the boiz once more.

Anyway, here's some of the cars we had on our stand. Who obviously arrived before we did.

Chris Wallis' (@christopherrw) lovely MK5 GTi on OZ Futuras.

Alongside Christian Cannings (@callmepicasso) Cayman on Rotiform RSE's.

Saturday is seen as kind of a warm-up day for the main event on Sunday, but it still saw plenty of cars in the show field with lots of people enjoying the great weather we had been blessed with for the day; sure beats last years torrential rain all day Saturday. 

The awards are done and everyone heads over to the campsite for the evening and it's no secret that it can get pretty rowdy down there; this year was no exception. Instead of trying to explain with words we'll let some photos do the explaining.

Rev It.
Slip & Slide.
Drift Corner.
This boy loves it.
Homemade skid signs, arty.

So Sunday, show day.

Once more we awake to a few sore heads, which is more than likely related to spending the majority of the night in the infamous rave tent, then roaming the campsite for the next few hours.

The show itself has always brought an amazing standard of cars from the VAG group to Overstone. Not only from all over the UK, but from all over mainland Europe as well. We're constantly surprised by the sheer quality of metal on display as you'll see from the photos in our gallery at the top of the page.

As always the show was a blast, keep an eye out for yourselves in upcoming videos from the show over on our YouTube. Where we have also just uploaded our giveaway competition video for reaching 50k subscribers, we filmed that video after a weekend at Edition38, so you know it's gonna be good.

This leaves only one thing left to say - F**k the Mayweathers! 

Photos: Alex Carroll, Chris Wallis & Patrick Wnuk.
Words: Alex Carroll.
Location: Northampton, England.