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gravity by slammeduk

by Alex Carroll
20th July 2017 · England

Last weekend saw the return of Gravity to the UK show calendar, having overcome those dreaded first year nerves this was shaping up to be an awesome show. The location remains the same at the NAEC in Stoneleigh, which is usually home to the agricultural world but for one weekend a year it invites an influx of modified cars for SlammedUK's event. The ethos of the show also remains the same, if it's cool it's allowed, which we very much approve of. This means the variety of cars on show is fantastic, from Nissans with neons to wrapped Aventadors. There was something for everyone.

So more on the cars, there were noticeably more than last year which is a credit to Jordan and the team with more and more people wanting to get involved with the show. SlammedUK have contacts all over the automotive world making Gravity a place for all of these people to come together as one. So onto some of our standout favourites from the day.

Dan Taylors (@dte46) E46 M3 on his newly finished Centrelock BBS E28's that he's finally finished after 2 years of having them, originally from a Corvette racecar.

BBS E28's from a Corvette racecar.

Back to the Nissan with neons, this static S13 with flip paint is just sick.

Flip paint and neons, its a yes from us.

You don't really see Toyota MR2's these days, this one was a breath of fresh air.

Wide arch, bagged MR2.

Yellow cars are a bit of a guilty pleasure here at ILB, Chris Coles (@colesmk6_) MK6 on CCW's was lovely.

ILB guilty pleasure - yellow cars.

Continuing the yellow theme with Alex Wrights (@a4lexx) recently wrapped by Vivid Vinyl (@vividvinyl) also Alex Wright but not the same one, confusing I know.

Static yellow Alex.

Special mention goes out to these guys, you may recognise these cars from our Raceism coverage. The continued their epic road trip onto England even after the Cayman blowing a bag on the way they still made it, props to you guys.

Jens Evensen's (@jens_tbgstance) Bagged Rocketbunny Cayman.

Nico's (@nico_tbgstance) S13, our sources tell us the rear lips are 8.25" which is insane which we can believe with his 315/30 Michelin PS2's stretched on.


Zoe's (@mx5zoe94) smooth bay, glitter painted, bagged Mk1 MX5.

Smooth bay, glitter paint, bagged MX5.

Jordan and his team should be proud of what they've done with the show in such a short space of time, heres to the next one.

Photos & Words by Alex Carroll
Location: Stoneleigh, England.