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George Wilson's Volkswagen Polo

by James Preston
14th July 2017 · England

The Volkswagen Polo 6N2, iconic in most, if not everyones early days of car modification. Mainly due to the Polo being among the most reasonably priced cars a young driver can afford. Sure enough this and the sheer number of cheap and easily accessible aftermarket parts quickly leads way into a new, rather addictive hobby. 

With that said, meet George Wilson, also known as ( on the all important Instagram), and his 2001 6N2 Polo. George and his Polo make for a prime example of the phenomenon that is being physically unable to part with your pride and joy, although I’m sure George’s wallet now wishes differently… Anyway, since 2014 I’m pretty certain there's not a bolt or screw that hasn’t been left untouched. The then Black 1.4 litre 8v Polo quickly got treated to some wheels (OZ Turbos at 7.5J all round this time) and a set of coilovers whilst the infamous “I’m not going to do much more to this,” were muttered. Now it's bright blue, had three different interiors and a couple different sets of wheels to match… No comment from George, just a slight shrug of the shoulders, no biggie aye George.

Onto some details, the car was resprayed Volkswagen Mayan Blue in the early stages of 2016; a fairly new VW colour debuting on the Polo 6R and UP! models. The car has of course had some body work tweaks done at the same time including an aerial delete, smooth front wings and so on; not forgetting the usual smoothed boot lid and front bump strip.

Resprayed Volkswagen Mayan Blue.

This time round he debuted the car as stands now in the photos. Sat on a fully polished set of BBS RS 224s 9J all round; welded and redrilled by Dan at Wheel Unique, and polished by Mike The Polisher. Accompanied by some Japan exclusive BBS caps and some Wheel Unique billet hex’s.

For the interior George managed to source a pair of brand new Lotus Recaro CS’ and had Dan at Lavish Automotive make the rest of the interior match, this meant a leather that matches the leather on the Recaros had to be found and carefully applied to the standard interior pieces to tie the seats in perfectly. Of course Recaro CS’ not being a standard fit in a 6N2, custom seat frames had to be fabricated; luckily Ben at HR Autoworks had this covered. A decision was then made to remove the rear seats completely and a false floor was to be fabricated in its place, this and custom side panels remove any remnant of the once factory rear seats. After all this the boot couldn’t just be flat could it! So two trimmed seamless tanks were added and a couple of custom fibreglass sub boxes were fabricated to fill the space sufficiently.

Custom side panels remove any remnant of the once factory rear seats.

For obvious reasons after all this work, the only thing missing was a couple of extra horses under the bonnet, (anyone that has owned a 1.4 8v 6N2 will understand…) Now comes a few choices; after some deliberation George decided to go with the quite commonly done 1.6 16v swap from the GTI of the same era. As the 6N2 was sold with the engine from factory it makes this swap far more straight forward than a lump from another donor. The GTI lump plus a few extras mean the quest for more power was shortly closed.

This concludes our chat with George, if you'd like to see more of George's go give him follow him on Instagram (,) alternatively keep an eye out on our Instagram for more.

Photos by: Sam Rutter
Words by: Sam Rutter
Car Owner: George Wilson
Location: Winchester, England