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Raceism event 2017

by James Preston
12th July 2017 · Poland

1 stadium, 700 cars, owners from as far as Russia to Spain, judges from Japan to England, and a queue of spectators the length of the carpark, it's the Raceism Event 2017.

There are a couple of key elements that have made the Raceism Event the success that it is today.

Firstly, this isn't just another car show, this is everything that the word "event" defines. The guys over at the Raceism Clique put in a ton of work ensuring that all the little details add up, captivating you in a full event experience. From the stage setup to the confetti burst on the winners decision, it all creates this atmosphere. One thing they manage to perfectly execute is their ability to involve the crowd. This is a place where the people matter. Whether it's getting the crowd to judge the tie breakers or just inviting members onto the stage for a laugh, there is no doubt these guys know how to get their crowd pumped. Hell, they even had the crowd counting to three in whaleish (you may need to have seen finding nemo for that one). But it is undoubtedly where Raceism excels. It truly draws you in and actually makes you feel like you are a part of this event. The Raceism guys nailed it.

Form over function? You got to be joking. The Next Level drift event turns this term on it's head. Every drift car in the paddock is stanced, and I mean stanced. One certain E36 ran the whole track without lifting it's splitter from the tarmac. We all know drifting is cool, but drifting your fully stanced drift car is awesome. You could literally spend the whole day just watching these guys battling it out. 

Form over function? You got to be joking.

Now you do encounter a couple of problems owning a complete stanced drift car. For example, how are you going to get your ground scraping supercharged e46 onto a trailer? We asked the guys over at Musk Customs and the answer was "I just drive it home." Fully road legal stanced drift cars. Great.

Having the Next Level drift event on it's own would be a serious attraction, but having it at your show? Well, what more could you want. Without a doubt the coolest drift series we've seen so far. 

So what about the 700 cars that are lurking around the stadium? Well coming as far and wide as Russia to Spain, there is no shortage of interesting projects to look at. These are the kind of cars you can walk past 5 or 6 times and still be noticing new little details that you didn't pick up the first time. Not on the  quality of the builds but also the variety just blows you away.

Take this FC RX7 for starters, sitting stepped up BBS RS' on Air Ride this isn't one for the purists but just look at it - we loved it even more when we found out it still have the rotary powerplant, long live compression.

Long live the triangle.

When we spotted this 944 further down the show at first glace we thought the RX7 had moved, the body lines are freakish similar - again this thing is perfect with both picking up awards.

How about a widebody MK4 golf with a Bora front end and stupid wide Work VS-XX's.

One of the widest MK4's we've seen.

RWB Porsches never fail to stop crowds, there were 4 to feast your eyes on here - we were feeling this red 993.

RWB Porsches never fail to stop crowds.

All of the drift guys were mad but this guy in his V8 swapped S13 was the maddest of them all - check the album for many photos of it sliding (our photographer Alex was slightly obsessed)

We couldn't talk cars without mentioning this, a Pandem kitted, 2JZ swapped E46 M3 - serious madness.

Pandem kitted, 2JZ E46 M3 - serious madness.

The guys over at Raceism have pulled off another outstanding event. It's so easy to see why it's one of the top shows on the calendar. All we can see is thank you for another awesome year in Poland.

Words by James Preston

Photos by Alex Carroll
Location: Wroclaw, Poland