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Players Classic 2017

by Alex Carroll
21st June 2017 · England

It's 7am on Saturday morning and it's already 20 plus degrees and we're in the south of England for Players Classic. We already know it's gonna be a great day, after all there's no other show like this one on the calendar. This truly is one of our all time favourites, and what's not to like? Set within the bounds of the iconic Goodwood Circuit, every where you look there is either a world class show car or something seriously quick blasting its way around the track. 

As always we had some awesome cars on our stand - here's Josh's (@josh_stokes) E46 M3 on Airlift and 18" Carline CM6's.

E46 M3 on Airlift and 18

Chris' (@chrispy_clean) static IS200 on Work Equip 05's, this thing looks crazy on the roll.

This thing looks crazy on the roll.

Last but certainly not least Josh from LikeHell's (@likehelldesign) 350Z on Work L1's, this thing gets lower everytime we see it.

This thing gets lower everytime we see it.

The variety at this show is incredible, there really is something for everyone to see. Expect to see anything, and everything - from old American pick-ups.

To 70's Japanese classics like this Celica GT...

And of course there are the good old favourites as well, such as this lovely Porsche 964 on the classic BBS combo.

There's also controversial widebody Polo's.

And if that wasn't good enough, there are people who truly do travel from all over the world to attend. Our good friend Paul Barney from Eurotripper in Florida made the trip over, as did this guy (@victor_korotkov) who unlike Paul, drove the entire way from Russia. By our calculations that's over a 3600 mile round trip which is just - insane. We'll have more on this car soon courtesy of our photographer Sam Rutter. (

Moscow to Goodwood, a 3600 mile round trip.

As always this show never fails to impress with more and more cars applying to be involved every year, so much so that the Players boys announced that next year they will be moving the event to a two day show - Jamie has already gave us the inside scoop, and what they have planned is gonna shake up the show season even further.

On that note, thanks to the guys at Players for having us back again to cover the event and film the official video - we're not gonna make you wait long for that either, with it already being half finished - we're hoping to drop it next week.

Photos & Words by: Alex Carroll

Location: Chichester, England