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Irish Drift Championship - Round 2

by Lorin Gannon
23rd May 2017 · Ireland

The time has finally come, it's Drift at the Docks time! The much anticipated second round of the Irish Drift Championship placed in the picturesque town of Dún Laoghaire, just outside Dublin city. Many events are held here throughout the year but it's safe to say none of them even come close to the incredible feat that the guys running the IDC have brought to this place. Taking a pretty much abandoned ferry terminal and transforming it into a demanding track for a round of the championship wouldn't be possible without the dedicated fans. Supporting the IDC at every event and with tickets selling out in less than 3 hours it was sure to be a packed event.

Who doesn't love the sound of a straight piped 700+ bhp 2JZ drift car?

As the gates opened and the 40,000+ combined horsepower grid rolls in months of planning starts to become a reality. It's now or never. Since Dún Laoghaire is a small town it's pretty quiet as you can imagine, so once you throw in some raw cut drift cars, noise becomes a slight issue. Thankfully there was little to none noise complaints compared to a standard event, really though, who doesn't love the sound of a straight piped 700+ bhp 2JZ drift car?

With the very high standard of Irish drivers in the IDC it's an incredible event to watch. Six unforgiving walled clipping points on a brick surface with random dips and patches of moss made driving this visually simple layout, very demanding. One slip up and a slight tap with the rear of the car and it causes the front to snap in and pulls you straight into the wall. Unfortunately both Adrian Walsh, driver of the yellow Achilles Radial Tires V8 AE86 found this out the hard way/ Anthony Gavin also found this out during his battle with 17 year old Jack Shanahan.

With Joe Doyle narrowly missing out on a podium finish and taking 4th position as his second round in the Pro class driving a Nissan Skyline R33, a personal favourite of mine on the grid. Joe drove the back end off that car, quite literally. Smashing every clipping point and obliterating the rear end he mean't business!

Jack Shanahan, the current IDC point leader after Round 1 had a few hiccups during qualifying. Putting out a few mistakes and leaving himself with one chance to qualify as high as possible he landed himself a respectable 9th position. Battling through the top 24, the fan favourite put everyone through their paces. That was until he landed himself in a battle with Chris Brady.

This man, underdog and slightly mental, Chris Brady was the talk of the weekend, from taking a completely bare AE86 shell and turning it into a fully fledged drift car in just two weeks he put on one hell of a show. Running a basic SR20DET with a random assortment of eBay parts bringing up the power to roughly 350bhp and taking down some of the highest power cars on the grid it just shows its all about determination. Sitting on the door of every single person he battled with gaining himself a little nickname “hit me Brady one more time” and also second place on the podium he was one happy man at the end of the day! 

With Jack Shanahan taking 1st place, Chris Brady taking 2nd and Brian Egan taking 3rd and still another huge round of the Irish Drifting Championship yet to come featuring the largest amount of international drivers in combined IDC history, Global Warfare 4 will be a round you simply can not miss! 

Location: Dún Laoghaire, Ireland
Words by: Lorin Gannon
Photos by: Lorin Gannon