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Clark Caughey's Mini Cooper S

by James Preston
31st August 2016 · Northern Ireland

So let's be honest here, Clark is no stranger to our site... Unfortunately.  

When Clark had finally decided to part ways with his beloved MK5 Golf, he had planned on building a MK2 VR6. He'd always wanted to build one and the 5 door GL shell parked in his driveway reminded him everyday. Although the Mini Cooper S that Clark picked up in the deal he made with the MK5 was going to have a couple of other ideas about where his money was going to go.

Now another one of our regulars Steven Toner, was probably the real reason that the poor GL never got the attention it deserved. When Steven called into Clark's house one day, he only needed an hour to talk Clark into test fitting the BBS E49's he'd bought for the MK2 onto the Mini. I guess this is where the Mini build starts.

He only needed an hour to talk Clark into test fitting the BBS E49's he'd bought for the MK2 onto the Mini.

Now that Clark knew he wanted to build the Mini, how long did he have? Dubshed was only 4 weeks away. Clark knew what had to be done. He'd already ordered some Corbeau buckets and Takata harnesses as well as booking the Mini in for a custom cage with SC Motors.

The Mini already came with a 17% Alta supercharger pulley and a custom catback exhaust but the body work was tatty. The front end was stonechipped, there were scrapes all over it and the bootlid had a rust hole. There's only one man to sort out these kinda issues, paint superhero Lighthaired Pete.

Being the dead on guy that Pete is, he let Clark use the workshop to fit the air while he got to work on sorting out that horrible paint. After seeing so many Mini's on air touch the floor, Clark was pretty pissed when he aired his out to find it wasn't even tucking tyre. Luckily being the intelligent man he is, he managed to get them down a little more. (winky emoji)

When it came to the outside, Clark wanted to keep things pretty stock. The front bumper was modified to fit John Cooper Works grilles and he also added some JCW skirts to match. Facelift Xenon projector headlights were retrofitted and a whole lot of smoothing happened.

He fitted facelift Xenon projector headlights.

The headliner was retrimmed to match the boot build/rear seat delete Clark had made. To continue the 'racecar' theme, he wanted to upgrade the steering wheel. Rather than losing his cruise control, Clark decided to get an OEM 3 spoke steering wheel retrimmed by Arek Car Leather who finished it in suede with grey stitch and thickened the wheel.

When I asked Clark for some information to do this write up, he told me that i'd just take the piss out of him. But I was dead on and didn't.

Ps. Clark you're a little bitch xo

D2 front & rear air struts
Airlift Autopilot V2 digital management
Viair 480C compressor 
SPC adjustable rear camber arms

BBS E49 Magnesium Motorsport Wheels
17x6.5 Fronts - 165/35/17 Nankang tyres
17x7.0 Rears - 185/35/17 Nankang tyres
Black extended wheel bolts
Wheel spacers 20mm front / 25mm rear

Alta 17% reduced supercharger pulley
Custom stainless steel exhaust

Joey modded facelift Xenon headlights retrofitted
Facelift taillights and fog light retrofitted
Smoothed front bumper - chopped to allow the car to sit lower and modified to fit JCW Aero grilles
JCW Aero side skirts
Badges removed and holes welded
Rear wiper delete
Chrome belt line wrapped black
Shortened number plates

Facelift 3 spoke multi function steering wheel with custom suede trim
Corbeau Club Sport bucket seats with colour coded backs
Custom 3/8” aluminium seat rail adapters
Takata MPH-341 4-point harnesses in black
Custom bolt-in steel roll cage painted in BBS matte gold
Speciality Suspension seamless air tank
Gold tank fittings and bulkheads
Black allen head tank plugs
Polished hardlines
Rear seat delete
Headliner and pillars retrimmed in black
Seat belt holes in C pillars removed
Stain black sunvisors, grab handles and clock surround
Alpine UTE-72BT head unit
Tinted glass

Photos by: James Preston
Words by: James Preston
Car Owner: Clark Caughey
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland