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Clark Caughey's Volkswagen Golf GTI

by James Preston
14th December 2015 · Northern Ireland

We caught up with FittedState owner a couple months back, to shoot his Mk5 GTI Golf. But when we asked him for some info on the car, he decided to do the write up himself. So over to you Clark...

I never actually intended on buying a GTI. I was actually looking for a Mk5 R32 when Mike Kleen Freaks (pretty sure that's actually his name) showed me pictures of one that he knew was for sale in England. As soon as I seen the photos I fell in love with the interior and before I knew it, I was on a flight to England to pick it up.

The car came static on some 3SDM 0.05’s which I knew had to go because ( I'm a big scene queen - Love James ). The air was ordered from Design RMC while I was on the boat home and I replaced the 3SDM’s with a set of 17” OZ Futura’s from my MK4 build.

I ran it like that for a year but despite my changes it always felt like I was driving someone elses car. To make it my own I decided a colour change needed to happen. Our favourite ginger haired, buggy sliding, TT driving painter Pete of Paintworkz, decided to sponsor the car and over the winter of 2015 the car was stripped back to a shell, painted and rebuilt.

I never actually intended on buying a GTI.

Colour options were limited as I had to get something that worked with the interior. My choices came down to either Nissan Midnight Purple, Audi Merlin Purple & Porsche Sportclassic Grey. After a long hard think I went with Midnight Purple as it would be the only MK5 in the world at that time to be painted that colour ( I'm not sure this is true - also Love James ).

While this was happening I had bought a set of unmolested 16” 5x112 BBS RS052’s that had never even been split with the intention of stepping them up to 18x10’s all round. To make this work all four corners of the car had to be widened 20mm.

The arches were widened using only the power of maths. We didn’t know if they'd work until the custom dishes and barrels arrived. Turns out the fronts fitted perfectly but the rears didn’t. With the camber completely maxed out, I ended up having to lathe both rear wheels and brake discs by 3mm’s each to get arch to lip fitment.

Wheels are 10 inches wide all round, with custom double stepped 2.5” dishes that are chromed. The centres were ceramic polished by Dean Martin @ East Coast Alloys.

We were pushed right to the wire to get it finished with the hardlines, parts of the boot build and the final flattening and buffing being done at the Kings Hall.

The final flattening and buffing being done at the Kings Hall.

Despite being built as a show car it's still has plenty of power (275bhp) which Adam found out at GTINI Drag Day @ Bishopscourt when I beat him over the quarter mile. ( ha... likely story - Adam )

It’s driven low ( aye good one Clark - James ) - it went through 2 sumps in the space of 1 week at one stage. One happened on the way to a show and I had to plug the hole in the sump with microfibre cloths to stop the oil leaking out from under the car. Nobody noticed and I came home with one of the car of the show trophies but had to wait until everyone had left before I could get it trailered home without anyone knowing.

Contrary to popular belief the car is actually purple, not black.

Boring spec list bit:

Airlift Performance Series fully adjustable front struts
Airlift Slam double bellow rear bags
Airlift Autopilot V2 4-way digital management
KW V1 Ultra Low rear dampers
Audi S3 Subframe
Drivers side chassis notch
Modified hubs

Full respray in PPG Midnight Purple by Paintworx
Arches widened 20mm all round
Smoothed grille painted gloss black with custom aqua trim
MK6 Boot handle
Rear wiper delete
US running lights activated 

BBS RS 052 converted from 16” to 18”
Ceramic Polished centres, chrome dishes
2.5" step dishes, 7" step barrels
10” wide all round 

AMD Stage 1 (273bhp / 292ft/lbs)
Milltek Non Resonated Cat-back exhaust
Forge TWINtercooler
Forge TWINtake induction
Forge Diverter Valve
Forge Coolant & Wash bottle caps
Forge Fuel Filter Cover
Audi R8 oil cap
Engine cover painted custom aqua paint 

Full retrim in Aqua Nappa leather
Momo 300mm steering wheel and boss
RNS510 style headunit with Sat Nav, DVD and TV.
Polished Airlift tank with gold fittings and polished hardlines
2x Viair 380cc compressors side mounted with modified mounts
JL Audio 10WXv2-4 10" Subwoofer
False floor trimmed in alcantara
Compressor compartments trimmed in alcantara with perspex lids
Raised tank mount painted in custom Aqua paint

Photos by: James Preston
Car Owner: Clark Caughey
Words by: Clark Caughey and some others
Location: Donaghadee, Northern Ireland