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Steven Toner's Nissan 350z

by James Preston
2nd July 2015 · Northern Ireland

You may have seen this car before, but you probably don't recognise it. 

It was about 8 months ago when we first shot Toner's 350z. But by the time we'd sorted our photos he'd gone and redone the whole interior and added a couple of extra finishes to the exterior. We knew we couldn't let the work he'd put in go unseen, which of course meant a completely new shoot. 

You may have seen this car before, but you probably don't recognise it.

A few months later Toner turned up to a show in a bright yellow 350z, finished with some carbon goodies and a big gay wing. Everyone was pretty impressed with the make over, bar James... he looked kinda pissed that photoshoot number three was on it's way.

But here we are,

A bright yellow 350z. Why yellow though? In Toner's own words "I seen it and I just said aye, that looks well." And to be fair, he was right.

He didn't stop at the wrap though. He was in pretty deep, and he needed to do something to pull off the strong colour choice. Something I'd constantly went on at him about; a big wing and plenty of carbon. Which as you can see, he added a Japspeed carbon spoiler in pretty much the biggest size he could find. Up front he went with the GT lip and a Top Secret Carbon diffuser for the rear. Everything started to come together. It was looking like one big drift car.

It was looking like one big drift car.

Toner was constantly switching between his Rotiform TMB's and these 19" Rota Grid Drifts painted in matte frozen white. Originally having the TMB's on the 350z, Toner was never really happy how they looked against the yellow. He wanted to make the car look a little more aggressive. The Rota's definitely give it the all round drift car look.

Sadly, for us (not so much James) Steven tells us this is the last time we'll be featuring the 350. But I can guarantee it's not the last time we'll be featuring one of his cars.

He also wanted us to add in how good looking and awesome he is. If you'd like to meet up with him, he's the one in the bright yellow 350, or more recently a nifty little Lupo GTI.

Photos by: James Preston
Words by: Robbie Donaldson
Car Owner: Steven Toner
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland