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DMPD Finest 2014

by Zjerome
6th October 2014 · Belgium

While at Edition earlier this year, we met the guys from DMPD. We where actually pitched right beside them. And if their home country wasn't so damn far away, we'd be straight over to one of their shows. Espeically after seeing the standard of cars that flocks over to the UK each year from Belgium.

But none the less, our Belguim photographer jumped at the chance and made the trip to the latest DMPD show in Doel last week. Known as a ghost town where only a handful of people actually live, what a cool place for a show.

This e46 stood out to me, the black and the red is such a powerful look.

The range of cars seems to be on point anyway - I agree, life is too short to be slow.

Enjoy the photos - and hopefully we'll get over to a DMPD show soon!

Photos by: Zjerome
Words by: Adam McPeake
Location: Doel, Belgium