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Dubshed 2014 Day 1

by James Preston
9th April 2014 · Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland and Ireland have a lot of car shows, all over the place. But to us, and to the majority of people here - there is only one big show. And that's Dubshed, every year it grows and expands for the better - always bringing something new to the table. Now located in 1 massive "shed", 2 smaller ones and a large out door arena it without doubt hosts the most cars of any show in NI.

At first, people came from all over Ireland to visit the show - but this year, there was over 50 or 60 English and Scottish cars making the trip over the water to visit Dubshed.

This year was also the first year Dubshed spanned across two days, with Saturday being more relaxed and quiet compared to the absolutely insane people rush we're used to at Dubshed which always lands on the Sunday.

A lot of shows which do well on one day always think about pushing for that second day, and some pull it off - some don't. Dubshed 100% pulled it off, and for the size of the show it probably could have pulled it off a few years ago too.

This year we had the privilege of having a few NI show virgins on our stand, first up above we had Pete's amazing S4, which he painted him self - and for me had one of the best paint finishes at the show.

Beside that, we snuck in Niall's Z4 - which has been making the rounds on Facebook over winter, but we finally got him into a show. Last year Niall had his supercharged Mini on our stand, so it only made sense to have him back again.

John Peden's 911 returned this year, after missing a couple of shows. Always an eye catcher.

Robbie Donaldson's matt - poo coloured? Jetta also made an apperance at our stand, only 24 hours after being PlastiDiped. Which if i'm correct is going back in for another colour change this weekend.

Mark's RS4 also made it's first Northern Irish VAG show appearance this year on our stand, this thing is an absolute monster.

Across the show there was a hidden gem in every corner, this VW EOS with a Scirocco front caught my eye a few times.


Or Harry's awesome Lupo, which travelled all the way from London.

Have a flick through the photos above, and we'll be back with day 2 tomorrow with plenty more pics.

A big thank you to everyone who stopped by our trade stand at the show, and to GTINI for putting on yet another epic show. We're blessed to be a part of it.

Words by: Adam McPeake
Photos by: James Preston
Show Organiser: GTINI
Location: Belfast, Northern Ireland