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Dubshed 2012, Part 1

by Adam McPeake
26th March 2012 · Northern Ireland

So the most hyped show in Ireland is over for another year, and most hyped for a reason - because it rocked. The boys at GTINI have went all out this year to provide us with the best show yet. Situated at the Kings Hall complex in Belfast, this is the third year Dubshed has went out and beyond the standard of Irish car shows.

Growing massively since last year Dubshed filled up three huge "sheds", along side two out door viewing areas with piles upon piles of Volkswagens, Audis, Porsches and other VAG members.

We may be a tad biased towards the guys at Dubshed since we have ran a booth there the past two years, but with good reason - thousands of people flocked through the halls through the afternoon checking out all the VAG goodness, with a lot of them stopping by the I Love Bass booth to watch our new video and to grab some merchandise.

We had two photographers running around like mad making sure we snapped all the cars we could, and we've got so many photos to share we're gonna split the show over a few different posts. This one being the first.

A huge thanks to GTINI for running an awesome show, and to all the ILB team for helping our booth run as smoothly as possible.

Photos by James Preston
Words by Adam McPeake
Show: Dubshed
Location: Kingshall, Belfast